Who Owns Walmart Now

OK, Who Owns Walmart Now? Is it China? We all know that Walmart is one of the largest retailers in America. With over 10,000 stores in various countries, Walmart continues to grow strong as a brand and grocery store.

Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton. His main aim in establishing Walmart was to create a retail store that sells goods at low prices to gain sales with a low-profit margin.

In the year 2021, Walmart was worth thirty hundred and nineteen thousand dollars.

Why does Walmart worth that much?

This large retail store functions as a company to create more opportunities that would bring in revenue. The company’s worth can be accounted for by its various sources of revenue that function well.

In the United States alone, Walmart has more than one million shops but that’s not all. Walmart also has eleven thousand four hundred and forty shops internationally.

All these shops are filled with competent workers which is why Walmart is referred to as the largest private employee in the world.

With all these exploits in various countries including the United States, there has been a lot of speculation as to who owns Walmart stores.

These speculations have resulted in questions like: Did Walmart sell out to China? Is Walmart Chinese owned? Did China buy Walmart?

Dive in to find out the answers to all your questions

Who owns Walmart stores?

Walmart is currently owned by the Waltons and other shareholders. The Waltons are the founding family of Walmart stores.

The Walton family owns about fifty percent of Walmart stores which is currently a net worth of more than two hundred billion dollars.

The shares and ownership interest are well managed by the Walton Family Holdings Trust and Walton Enterprise LLC which are institutional investors.

FAQs on Who Owns Walmart Now

Who Owns Walmart Now

Is Walmart owned by China?

Walmart is not owned by China. Despite widely spread speculations, Walmart isn’t owned by China.

Walmart is still owned by the Waltons family which owns around 50% shares of the company. The other 50% of the shares are owned by various entities across the marketplace.

None of the shareholders hold more than the approximately 5% which is held by Vanguard.

So there’s no need to heed to speculations flying around because for Walmart to be owned by China the Walton heirs would need to sign off the company to China. This signing-off would cause quite a lot of sparks in this news.

What percentage of Walmart is owned by China?

No percentage of Walmart is owned by China. While Walmart purchases most of its products from China that is where the business relationship ends.

70-80% of Walmart’s suppliers can be found in China. Walmart also has an existing partnership with over 7000 stores in China. These stores supply Walmart with main technology, clothing items, and also homewares.

Although when it comes to food, Walmart gets its supplies locally in U.S. stores.

Walmart was founded by the Waltons family. To date, they still own a total of around 50% shares of Walmart. The shares are held through the Walton Family Holdings Trust and Walton Enterprise LLC.

Other top investors are various American-based Companies which include Vanguard Inc which has the highest shares after the Walton family heirs.

Do the Waltons still own Walmart?

Yes, Walton still owns Walmart. The Walto heirs around 50% of the company and they manage their shares of the company through Walton Family Holdings Trust and Walton Enterprise LLC.

The Waltons have not announced any news about selling their shares of their company.

Who owns the most Walmart stock?

The Walton Enterprises LLC and Walton Family Holdings Trust which is operated by the Walton Family have the most stock in Walmart. They have around 50% shares in the company.

Other top stockholders include:

The Vanguard Group Inc: After the Walton family, Vanguard Group Inc has the second-largest stake in the company which is around 4.31%. The total shares owned by Vanguard Group Inc is 119,456,502. The total value of the shares owned by Vanguard Group Inc is around $17,284,161,274.

SSgA Funds Management, Inc: Next on the list of top stockholders is SSgA Funds Management, Inc. which has around 2.31% stake in Walmart. The total number of shares owned by SsgA Funds Management Inc is 63,987,642 with a total value of around $9,258,371,921.

BlackRock Fund Advisors: BlackRock Fund Advisors is number three on the list of other top stockholders in Walmart. BlackRock Fund Advisors has around 2.30% stakes in Walmart. The number of shares owned by BlackRock Fund Advisors is 63,675,532. The total value of the shares owned by BlackRock Fund Advisors is around $9,213,212,725.

Geode Capital Management LLC: Geode Capital Management LLC is a top stakeholder in the Walmart store. With about 0.87% stakes in Walmart, Geode Capital Management LLC owns 24,037,470 shares in the company. The total value of the shares owned by

Geode Capital Management LLC is around $3,477,981,534.

Northern Trust Investments, Inc: Northern Trust Investments, Inc is next on the list of top stakeholders in Walmart. With a total of around 0.61% stakes in Walmart, Northern Trust Investments, Inc owns about 16,844,538 shares in the company. The total value of the shares owned by Northern Trust Investments, Inc is about $2,437,236,203.

There are other stakeholders in Walmart but the above are the top 5 stakeholders in Walmart after the Walton Family.

P.S It is important to note that the values of these shares are subject to change as the market is not static. Also, the number of shares can increase or decrease at any time as stakeholders may decide to buy new shares or sell existing shares.

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Despite numerous speculations that Walmart has been sold to China, the truth remains that Walmart is still owned by the Walton Family who are the founding members of Walmart.

The Walton Family currently owns about 50% of the company shares and they have made no declaration about their intent to sell.

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