Walmart Point System For Employees

Walmart Point System For Employees… Walmart is an American retail line with branches all over the world. It is the largest retail business globally and the largest company by revenue.

Every day, 37 million people patronize 11,000 Walmart stores worldwide to get one product or another. To cater to this large number of customers, Walmart employs the services of 2.2 million associates all over the world.

According to their website, 1.6 million people work in the United States alone.

This is no surprise, as nearly half of all Walmart stores are in America.

Because of the large number of employees, Walmart has created a policy to prevent delays or absences and reward dedicated employees.

Walmart Employee Point System 2022

Walmart Employee Point System

The Walmart employee point system was reviewed in 2019, with Walmart changing the points from nine (9) to five (5).

This system works negatively based on the accrual of points thus; once employees rack up to 5 points, their appointment can be terminated.

This is regardless of how long the customer has worked at Walmart. These points do not continue to gather indefinitely, though.

To allow for unexpected obligations and make the policy fairer, the Walmart tardy policy resets every six months.

How Many Absences Are Allowed at Walmart 

The tardy policy is a simple system; associates of Walmart that do not come to work as scheduled without proper notification will get 1 point. Employees that show up to work 15 minutes-2 hours later will receive half a point.

Additionally, associates that leave work before their shift officially ends can get up to half a point. At the same time, unexpected absences during the holiday period could result in a maximum of three points.

Therefore, generally, employees face termination if they do not show up to work without official permission up to 5 times within six months.

If an employee is unexpectedly absent from a holiday shift once and from a standard shift twice, they face the risk of termination. If an employee fails to show up for work for a holiday shift twice, they face the risk of termination.

Walmart Time Clock Policy

To record employee attendance seamlessly, Walmart requires that employees record their presence at work using the GTA Electronic time clock.

Employees are tracked by the time clock, connected to the central computer system at the Walmart store. Every two weeks, associates’ hours are compiled, and their pay is calculated.

Hourly associates at Walmart track their time by registering and selecting the relevant option out of these four:

  • Clock in, at the beginning of their shift
  • Going to Meal
  • Back from Meal; and
  • Clock Out (at the end of the shift)

All associates have to do is go to the Time Clock home screen on the GTA Time Clock app and sign in with OneWalmart.

They will be asked to enter a unique user ID and password to verify their identity. The GTA time clock tracks and records associates’ times every time it is accessed.

How to Report a Late Arrival/ Absence at Walmart

How to Report a Late Arrival/ Absence at Walmart

To report an absence or running late, associates will have to log on to the OneWalmart website, sign in and register their absence through the designated portal.

Alternatively, they can call the Walmart Associate Information Line on 1-800-775-5944 or call the store manager on duty at the Walmart where they work to inform them that they are running late.

It is required for all associates to notify Walmart or their local manager in advance of their shift to report an absence or lateness.

Employees who receive permission will not accrue points for such absences. Also, employees are entitled to pay even during an absence for up to a specific number of hours per year.

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Walmart New and Old PTO Policies

Walmart has a protected Paid Time Off (PTO) policy that gives hourly associates a bank of time to use when they unexpectedly can’t make it to work.

According to Vice president of associate experience Drew Holler in 2019, absences covered by the new PTO plan don’t impact a worker’s attendance record.

Walmart employees in most locations can earn up to 48 hours of protected PTO a year. This time can be used to cover an unplanned absence. Walmart stated that this policy is based on reports gotten from their employees.

Holler said the program was created to allow more flexibility for workers while rewarding them for consistent attendance at work.

Under the new Walmart-protected PTO guidelines, associates gain one hour of PTO for every 30 hours worked regardless of how long the associate tenure at Walmart.

According to Walmart, the new policy ensures that associates gain PTO equivalent to an 8-hour shift every six weeks. Protected PTO caps at 48 hours annually and roll over if not used.

The company’s standard PTO program, which does not protect against the point system, is based on years of service.

Only the new protected paid time off policy can be used when a worker is unwell or absent from work without notice.

The standard PTO is used in the case of permitted leave of absence in advance, and it is only available based on years of service.

Walmart associates can combine the two PTO systems, increasing their overall eligible time off to 120 hours in their first two years, growing to 176 hours annually by their fourth year of association.

Walmart also rolled out an automated scheduling program called “My Walmart Schedule” in 2018.

To make work more flexible and comfortable for associates, workers can swap shifts with a coworker on the My Walmart Schedule app if they find someone who is interested.

Walmart said it also gives enables associates a chance to work extra hours while making it possible for others to get time off

Walmart Employee Reward System

Walmart Employee Reward System

Walmart said associates with no points gathered over six months are entitled to a 25% increase in their portion of the workers’ quarterly ‘Myshare’ bonus, with such associates receiving 125% of the share.

Workers with ½ to 2 points marked against them will get 100% of their bonus. Workers who have gathered between 2.5 and 3.5 points in the preceding six months will receive only 50% of the Myshare bonus. At 4 points, employees are no longer eligible to earn a Myshare bonus.

In 2019, when attendance bonuses were introduced, hourly associates earned almost $800 million in bonuses.

However, in September 2021, Walmart said it would scrap the benefit, dubbed “MyShare,” at the end of the company’s fiscal year on Jan. 31, 2022, according to a memo released to Walmart staff about the ongoing wage review.

Walmart stated that this bonus would be dissolved and added to employees’ base pay, becoming a wage increase for all employees essentially according to store performance.

A Walmart spokeswoman stated that this bonus is only a part of the increase in wages that workers would receive, amidst reports that workers could begin to earn as much as $16.40 per hour by the end of the year.


Walmart’s tardy policy is based on the Walmart absence point system, in which associates can receive up to 3 points at once for lateness or missing a shift. An employee who receives up to 5 points in 6 months faces termination.

Conversely, employees with good attendance records receive bonuses according to the number of points. At 4 points, employees do not receive any bonus.

However, Walmart announced that from January 2022, this bonus would be added directly to wages as part of efforts to increase general employee wages.

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