Walmart Money Order Limit

Do Walmart Offer Money Orders? The short answer to that is “yes”, Walmart does in fact offer money orders. Walmart also can cash a money order. While fees can differ between locations, a standard purchasing fee for a money order at Walmart costs $0.88.

On the contrary, cashing a money order at a Walmart can run you anywhere from $4 all the way up to $8 in some cases. Read on for further details regarding money orders, Walmart, and the restrictions that come with this form of payment.

What is a money order?

If you’ve ever put down a deposit to rent a house, the landlord may ask for a money order. Have you ever wondered why that is? Well, a money order is a special form of payment.

It differs in the way that a check works because a money order requires the money to be pre-specified and paid upfront.

Because the money order required the money to be prepaid for the exact amount written on the money order, it can be said that this is a much more secure form of payment.

When you are dealing with large amounts of money, a trustworthy payment method such as a money order may be best for both parties involved in the transaction.

While there is nothing wrong with paying via check, it is possible to be fraudulent or that the check bounces. In the case of a money order, it simply cannot bounce, as the money has already been paid.

Purchasing a Money Order at Walmart

Walmart Money Order Limit

As mentioned earlier in the article, Walmart does in fact sell money orders. Specifically, Walmart sells MoneyGram money orders, which are usually found at the Money center of Walmart or in their customer service area which is usually near the front, or the entrance of the store.

While you would probably expect that money orders can only be purchased with cash, Walmart does in fact accept debit cards as well.

The important distinction is that it is a debit, and not a credit card, as paying with a credit card does not guarantee the funds are being placed by the purchaser to go into the money order.

Another important distinction is that when you purchase a money order via MoneyGram in a Walmart, you will only have the ability to send the money order within the United States, and furthermore, the money order can only be purchased with U.S. dollars.

If you are in search of sending a money order internationally, your only option would be what is called a money transfer. Note that there is a difference between a money order and a money transfer.

Walmart Money Order Limit & Fees

As previously stated, the fees that are involved with a Walmart MoneyGram money order will vary depending on the Walmart location, but our research suggests that the maximum you are going to pay to send a money order is going to be $0.88 per money order that you send.

Therefore, Walmart is one of, if not the, very best when it comes to sending money orders, as the fees are very cheap amongst Walmart and its competitors.

What is the maximum amount a money order can be?

At Walmart, the maximum amount you can send via money order via MoneyGram is $1,000. Not to worry though, as you can always single additional money orders.

So for example, if you needed to send $2,000, you could just split the transaction into two, and send two money orders. This is nothing wrong with doing this.

There his however a daily purchasing limit of $3,000 amongst all the MoneyGram Money Orders that you send in any given day. Your limit will reset the following day.

What are the requirements needed to send a money gram at Walmart?

Vía Walmart’s policy, a person must provide their government-issued identification that contains a photo in order to purchase a money order. Another thing you will need is to know who the person is that you are sending the money to.

You may also be sending it to a business instead of a person, so you’ll want to have that information handy, as, without it, Walmart will not know where to send your money order.

Generally speaking, if you are unsure how to fill out your money order, the clerk at the money desk can help you put it.

When are you able to purchase a money order at Walmart?

Our research shows that the Walmart MoneyCenters and their customer service areas are typically available at the same hours that the store operates. For the majority of Walmart’s located in the U.S., this would be from 7 am to around 10 pm, though of course, these hours may fluctuate depending on any five.

Location’s policy. It is recommended to call your local Walmart to confirm the hours before going to send a money order at Walmart.

Can you Cash a Money Order at Walmart?

Yes, you are able to cash a money order at Walmart. The only caveat to this is that just like when you purchase a Money Order at Walmart, it can only be a MoneyGram Money Order. You can not purchase nor cash any other type of money order at Walmart.

What are the Fees & Limits?

Anytime you are cashing a MoneyGram Money Order at Walmart, you can expect to be subjected to their specific fees revolving around the cashing of a money order.

Walmart typically charges its customers $4 for any money order up to $1,000. If you are receiving more than $1,00, you may be subjected to fees totaling up to $8.


Fortunately, you will not have to register for any type of card, or more specifically a check-cashing card, to cash a money order at Walmart.

You will however need a valid government photo ID to prove your identity and that the money order is legitimately sent to you and not someone else.

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