Walmart Interview Questions & Answers

Is Walmart interviews hard? In this article, we list the top 25 Walmart Interview questions and the best possible answers.

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world so it’s no surprise that they currently have over 2 million employees worldwide.

Due to their various outlets and workload, the company constantly employs workers to work at various Walmart stores locations.

So you applied to work at Walmart and you’re currently at the interview stage. It is important that you are well prepared before going for this interview. As proper preparation would reduce the risk of you failing your interview.

So to help you prepare we’ve helped compile a list of Walmart interview questions and the best answers. This list comprises all the possible questions asked at the Walmart interview. We also added tips to help you ace the interview.

Walmart Interview Questions and Answers

Walmart Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Tell me about yourself?

They are asking for the ‘self’ you are bringing to work for them. They are essentially asking you to sell yourself to them. Focus on your work experience, skills, and interests that align with the role you are applying for.

  1. What do you know about Walmart?

There is a lot to talk about here. You can mention the obvious such as Walmart being the largest retailer in the world and the goods they offer.

You can also talk about their online shopping services, founder (Sam Walton), their motto,  their clothing line (George), and their photo and vision centers. Just make sure you read up on Walmart before the interview.

  1. Why do you want to work for Walmart?

You need to look and sound excited when answering this question. Tell them you are impressed by how Walmart offers lower prices than most department stores.

You can also mention the great value customers get and the millions of jobs the company creates. Tell the interviewer you feel you can learn a lot from working in a fast-paced environment in the retail industry.

  1. What are your preferred working hours?

You should give flexible hours in order to increase your chances of getting hired. If you are, tell the interviewer you are open to working on holidays and weekends.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The goal of this question is to determine if you are going to be committed to the company. Even if you plan to work for Walmart for a few months,  don’t say that.

Instead, tell them you are looking forward to more possibilities in the company.  Look for a position or role you would like and tie it to your answer.

  1. What does excellent customer service mean to you?

Talk about friendly and helpful staff, reduced lines at the checkout and a well-advertised inventory of the available goods.

  1. How will you respond to an upset customer?

Try saying something like this: “I would find out the reason for their upset and help to resolve it. If the cause is a purchased item, I will ask if they had a receipt. If they did, I would refer them to customer service for a replacement item or a refund.

If they were upset because they couldn’t locate an item in the store, I would go look for it for them or point them to the exact location.” (You can also read up on Walmart’s Return Policy).

  1. Tell us about your experience?

Focus on work experience related to the job. If you have worked as a cashier or in a retail shop, mention it.

  1. Why should Walmart hire you?

The best way to respond is to read the job description and talk about your skills and experience that match the job description. This works whether you are applying for a manager position or a cashier.

  1. Who are Walmart’s competitors?

Mention as many as you can. Some of Walmart’s competitors are Home Depot, Walgreens, Target, Kroger, CVS, Ikea, and Amazon

  1. What is your greatest weakness?

Don’t respond by saying you don’t have a weakness or you can’t think of any. Instead, talk about a weakness relating to the job. Ensure the weakness will not affect your ability to perform the job. talk about the steps you are using to deal with the weakness.

Example: “My greatest weakness is taking criticism too personally. I am learning to apply the lessons from feedback without overreacting. This has helped me to learn from other people’s feedback.”

  1. What is your greatest strength?

Your answer should be based on the most important skills/experience needed for the job you are applying for. This is to show the interviewer you are the perfect fit for the job.

  1. What are your motivations?

Talk about meeting company goals or targets, learning new ways of thinking, working as part of a team, and overcoming challenges/problems. Don’t say you are motivated by money or employee benefits.

  1. Why is there a gap in your resume?

Be truthful. Answer the question as openly as possible, this will establish you as a truthful person.

  1. How much do you expect to be paid?

Research salary expectations for the job you are applying for before the interview day. There are many sites that tell you how much you can expect for a role.

Offer a range that works within industry standards. If your range is too high, you won’t get the job. If your range is too low, they will underpay you with pleasure.

  1. What do you like most about your last or current job?

Tell the interviewer you liked everything about your last job but you’ve learned all you can in that role and you are looking forward to new challenges.

  1. Why did you leave your last job?

This is a follow-up to the previous question. Simply reply that you liked everything about your last job but you’ve learned all you can in that role  and you are looking forward to new challenges.

  1. Tell us about when you went above and beyond for a customer?

For your answer, think about a time when you made an impressive effort to ensure a customer was satisfied, made comfortable, or got what they wanted.

  1. Can you handle stress?

To answer this question, say you take a deep breath and prioritize the tasks you have to do. You can also mention that stress is a great motivator

  1. Tell us about a time when you had a conflict at work and how you resolved it?

Talk about a conflict you had with a colleague that ended on a positive note. If possible, emphasize how you and the colleague you had an issue with met together and came up with a positive outcome.

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words?

You can choose from any of these words: motivated, team player, communicative, organized, helpful, insightful, customer-oriented, positive, hardworking, productive and calm.

  1. If you could be one animal what would it be?

You should choose an animal with a work-related quality and mention that quality to the interviewer. For instance, you can say you choose ants because they are hardworking team players, or dogs because they are loyal.

  1. How did you find this position?

Say you have been looking for an opportunity to work in the retail industry and since Walmart is at the top, you have been monitoring for job openings.

  1. How long do you expect to stay at Walmart?

Your answer should indicate that you are open to working at Walmart for as long as possible. Talk about building  a career at Walmart. However, don’t lie. If you are a student, tell them you plan to stay for as long as you are in university or college.

  1. Do you prefer working on the floor or at the register?

Make your pick. There is no wrong answer.

  1. How do you feel about marketing Walmart credit cards?

Say you will be delighted to market Walmart Credit cards and let customers know the benefits they will enjoy from having the cards.

  1. Do you have a question?

You should attend the interview with questions of your own. Some of them include:

  • What is the best thing about working at Walmart?
  • How will you measure my job performance?
  • What do I have to do to meet and exceed your expectations?
  • What opportunities do I have for growth?

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Six Tips to help you ace a Walmart Interview

Six Tips to help you ace a Walmart Interview

A Walmart interview is more than just answering questions. Here are 6 tips to ensure you nail the interview and get that role you want.

  1. Research the job role

Yes, we know you have an idea of what the role is all about. However, we don’t want you to attend the interview with just an ‘idea’.

Do some research; find out all you can about the role. Ask yourself: “What would I look for if I was interviewing someone for this role?” This will broaden your perspective and make you prepared for the interview. You can also use online resources too.

Ask the recruiter about the role before the interview. This could set you up as someone who is genuinely interested in the job and is open to learning. You can also ask questions based on what you discovered from your research.

  1. Learn about the interview

There is no one-size-fits-all for Walmart interviews. Questions and interview formats change all the time. That is why you should do some research on Walmart’s LinkedIn page and corporate website.

This will get you updated on the things Walmart has been talking about. You should also look up the profiles of those interviewing you. This will help you prepare adequately for the interview.

  1. Visit a Walmart Store

Going to a Walmart location helps you to be familiar with the working experience you expect to find yourself in.

Unlike your regular shopping visits, this time, you are looking around and talking to associates. Pay attention to aspects that relate to the role you are applying for. This can help you score well during the interview.

  1. Know what to expect during the interview

The hiring team at Walmart conducts behavioral interviews. This type of interview allows the interview to understand how you think, respond to issues and interact with other workers.

Expect to answer follow up questions based on the answers to give to interview questions. Be ready for this. Don’t try to avoid this by making short non-committal statements. Instead, ensure you are adequately prepared for the interviewer and give as much detail as you can.

  1. Have your own questions

At the end of the interview, you will get a chance to ask questions. This is an opportunity to show that the role is a good fit for you.

It also helps to clear any misconception you might have about the role. It is also a chance to build a rapport with the hiring team. Have your questions focused on the following areas:

  • Questions based on the company. E.g. financial performance, recent changes and headlines, etc
  • Questions about goals and strategy: E.g. the current projects, objectives and goals for the year, strategies to achieve those goals and objectives, etc
  • Questions about team and staff expectations: E.g. What they expect from members on their team, important qualities every team member must have, etc
  1. Dress like someone who wants the job

Your appearance matters. You don’t know who is going to be conducting the interview so it is best to dress sharply and professionally. Our next section talks about dressing

How to dress for a Walmart Interview

How to dress for a Walmart Interview

Dressing for a Entry-Level Position

If you are interviewing for an entry-level job role, dress business casual. Avoid wearing jeans or shorts. Dressing formally might be too much for the role.

Dressing for a Management Position

If you are interviewing for a management position, keep your dressing formal or business casual. If you are unsure, stick with a blazer and dark trousers – it’s wrap dresses for females. Jeans are obviously a no-no, same with sportswear clothes.

Best colors for Walmart Interview

Color matters. In most cases, you can’t go wrong with blue or black. Blue implies credibility and trustworthiness while black signifies leadership. Red is also an alternative.

It denotes assertiveness and is good for those interested in sales. Yellow, orange and similar colors should be  avoided as they can make you look unprofessional.

Interview tips for the D-Day

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early
  • Speak normally, not too fast or too slow
  • Switch off your phone
  • Relax

FAQs on Walmart Interview Tips

What do I need to know for a Walmart Interview?

You can ace a Walmart interview. All you need to do is research the company and role you are applying for, dress smartly, arrive on time, and read our guide on how to answer some of the interview questions.

How long does a Walmart interview last?

The interview can last a few minutes to something less than an hour. Most of the talking points will be based on the answers you provide.

So If the interviewers decide they’ve heard enough, they will end the interview. However, you can expect the interview to end within an hour.

Why should we hire you at Walmart?

Answer this question by talking about the skills you have that match the job description. This requires you to fully understand the role you are applying for.

How do I crack Walmart interviews?

100 percent preparation. You need to get the date, time and venue right. You should also research the role you are applying for.

Dress well for the role. You should also get a head start on the question by reading our guide to asking the questions. Above all, be relaxed.

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