Walmart Ear Piercing – A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’re a guy or girl, getting your ears pierced can be very exciting. It is a part of growing up for many girls. Getting your ears pierced can also be scary.

After all, it might hurt, and it’ll cause your ears to bleed. Suffice to say, you need to make sure it gets done right.

Otherwise, you may experience severe repercussions. You can prevent this from happening by letting a professional pierce your ears. Does Walmart pierce ears? Within this guide, you’ll learn more about this.

Does Walmart Do Ear Piercing?

Does Walmart Do Ear Piercing

Walmart is a jack of all trades since it sells a wide assortment of products. It sells clothes, shoes, groceries, games, and furniture. In addition to this, it offers a wide assortment of services.

When you visit a Walmart store, you can get your prescription filled, tires changed, and your eyes checked. Plus, you can likely have your ears pierced.

Many Walmart stores offer this service. If you’re trying to get your ears pierced at your local Walmart, it is a good idea to call the store first. Make sure the store offers this service before leaving home.

Does Walmart Do Cartilage Piercings?

You’re likely interested in getting your ears pierced since most women do. While Walmart does not offer free ear piercings, it offers an assortment of other services. What about cartilage piercings? Yes.

Walmart offers lobe and cartilage piercings. Remember that price will depend on which type of piercing your get. Either way, you can get both types of piercings at Walmart.

Walmart Ear Piercing Hours

You can get your ears pierced at Walmart. However, it is essential to understand that there are certain hours for this service.

In general, the ear-piercing service is available when Walmart is open. It should be available from 7 AM to 11 PM. At some 24/7 locations, the service will be available around the clock.

While you could pierce your ears at home, it is wise to let a professional handle it. Doing so is safer. Therefore, you should try visiting your local Walmart. It is wise to call your local store so you can find out what their ear-piercing hours are.

They may vary from one store to another so be sure to call and find out.

Are Walmart Employees Trained?

The good news is that Walmart has trained many of its workers to perform ear piercings. These individuals know how to pierce your ears hygienically and safely. It is believed that the company has tens of thousands of trained professionals.

Plus, the services are available at more than 5,000 Walmart stores around the nation. You can get your ear pierced at Walmart without worrying about it. The Walmart representative will do a professional job and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

How Does Walmart Pierced Ears?

Over the years, ear piercing has become easier than ever before. Much of this has to do with improved technology. Walmart makes the process quick and easy.

It does this by relying on Inverness’s ear-piercing system. The company has been serving consumers for more than 45 years.

During this time, it has helped more than 200 million individuals get their ears pierced. The Inverness ear-piercing system revolutionized the industry.

Now, the system is used around the world. It is primarily what Walmart uses. If you’re going to get your ears pierced at Walmart, the representative is likely going to use this company’s system.

It can be completed in three steps. It starts by cleansing your skin. Then, they will make the spot of the piercing. Finally, your skin will be pierced. The process is quick and easy thanks to the Inverness ear-piercing system.

Does My Walmart Offer Ear Piercing?

Your nearest Walmart store may or may not offer ear piercing services. Therefore, it is a good idea to find out. Again, Walmart’s services depend on Inverness and its ear-piercing systems.

The good news is that you can use Inverness’s website to find out which Walmart stores offer ear piercings.

Use the search tool to see which store in your area offers the service. It is estimated that Walmart has more than 5,000 stores offering this service.

Besides using the website, you can also call your local store. Doing so can help you find out if the service is offered there. If it isn’t, they can likely point you in the right direction.

Age Requirements

Walmart Ear Piercing Hours

Remembers that there might be age requirements. Some Walmart workers aren’t willing to pierce the ears of young individuals. Others will pierce all ears. If you want to get your ears pierced at Walmart, it is wise to call the store.

Talk to someone in charge to find out what the requirements are. You should be able to get your ears pierced at Walmart regardless of your age. Nevertheless, some employees aren’t willing to do it.

If you encounter such problems, go to another store. You’ll find a Walmart worker who will pierce your ears. Also, don’t forget that the laws tend to vary between states. If you’re under 18, you may need to wait until you get older.

Is It Safe?

Finally, you can rest assured knowing that Walmart uses the Inverness ear-piercing systems. Thankfully, the system is quick, convenient, and safe. Since it is fully enclosed, it is going to be always sterile. You can also upgrade to hypoallergenic earrings.

If you want your ears pierced but you’re worried about the risks, visit your local Walmart. When you do, you won’t need to worry about any issues.

Walmart employees are trained to use the Inverness ear-piercing system. Therefore, you can guarantee that everything will be okay.


Walmart offers ear-piercing services in many areas. However, it should be noted that the service isn’t available everywhere. Therefore, you’ll need to check with your local store first. Call directly to find out if it is available.

If it is, the service should be offered during normal operating hours. Remember that Walmart offers ear lobe and cartilage piercings. Speak to a Walmart representative to get your ears piercing during your next visit.

FAQs on Walmart Ear Piercing 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Ears Pierced At Walmart?

Walmart does not offer free ear piercings. Instead, you’ll need to pay a fee based on the circumstances. The cost to get your ears pierced at Walmart will range from $10 to $35. It is a good idea to call the store directly to get a quote.

Is Ear Piercing Free At Walmart?

Walmart does not offer free ear piercings. The service is available at a price. As mentioned above, it may cost up to $35 to get your ear pierced at your local Walmart store.

When Can You Get Your Ears Pierced At Walmart?

The Walmart ear-piercing hours vary from one store to another. Therefore, the hours are not universal. However, the service is normally available during regular store hours.

At 24-hour Walmart stores, the service might be available every hour of the day. Call the store directly to find out more about its hours.

Does Claire’s In Walmart Do Ear Piercings?

You should also consider visiting Claire’s section of your local Walmart. The store employs some of the best ear-piercing professionals in the industry. You can indeed get your ears pierced at Claire’s in your local Walmart.

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