Target Video Game Return Policy

Purchasing video games can be pretty tricky. There are various possibilities of things that could go wrong during your purchase. In this article, we will be looking at the Target video game return policy.

You may find out that the video game you bought has a bug, or perhaps it wasn’t as exciting as all those reviews said about it.

One other displeasing situation is to find out that your brother or best friend just recently purchased that same game.

All the above and more may require you to request a refund.

Various retail stores have a diverse refund policy but let’s look at the target return policy video games

What Is Target Game Return Policy?

What Is Target Game Return Policy

Target’s game return policy allows you the opportunity to return unopened and unused video games for the following: Xbox, Nintendo, Ps4, Ps5, and Wii.

So if you’re wondering about Target’s ps4 return policy or Xbox return policy, then dive in!

Each of the purchases must be returned within 30 days of purchase in the above-stated conditions.

To successfully return whichever video game you’ve purchased and got a full refund, Target requires that you come along with a valid photo ID card.

Although there’s a particular policy for Target RedCard Holders, cardholders can return the purchased video game within 60 days instead of 30 days.

How Does Target Issue Refund?

So you’ve successfully returned your item, and it’s time for a refund.

Whenever Target issues a refund, it goes directly into whichever form of payment was used during the purchase.

Although if your purchase was paid for through a debit card or cash, your refund could be issued on different payment platforms. It all depends on your preference in this case.

If a refund is to be made to a third-party card, it can take 1-3 days. On the other hand, if repayments are being made to a Target RedCard, it takes 1-2 days. Also, if you want your rebate by cash, it takes 1-2 days.

Refunds requested through an Online Return Centre may require as long as five days to process.

How To Return Video Games Bought In A Target Store

How To Return Video Games Bought In A Target Store

Video games can be quickly returned to a target store if they’re unopened. You can either get a full refund or an exchange option if you have the original receipt of the video game with you. This exchange must take place within 30 days.

But that’s not all; Target requires that you come along with a photo ID. Your photo ID must be valid and government-issued. This is essential for easy verification.

Target Guest Service helps you out with the process of in-store return of products. It’s also possible to schedule the return of whichever items you purchase. Target Guest Service phone line 1-800-591-3869 helps with planning the return of goods.

How To Return Video Games Bought At

To return video games and consoles that you purchased on, you are required to bring to any Target outlet near you the following items:

The original receipt of purchase made, Barcode which can be found in the Target app, Target delivery or shipping confirmation email address, and finally the original form of payment.

Although this is not the only way of returning video games bought at, another easy way is through the mail.

Then do this. First, you need to log in to your account. After doing this, you locate the order history section so you can find the item.

In that exact order history section, you will find the option to return whatever product you’ve purchased. Select the option to return the video games you bought.

Once you have done this, Target will request that you give the reason for ordering the return. Then you will be redirected to the return shipping label.

You must print the return shipping label and attach it to the item before posting it to the address written on the label.

Whenever you’re sending an item via Mail to an address courtesy of Target, you will be covering the shipping fee. The only exception to this case is if Target makes a mistake in shipping the goods.

Some items can be bought at, but they can only be returned to any  Target outlet near you. These items can not be returned to his mail to Target Online Returns Centre.

If the goods you are returning must be taken to a Target outlet near you, you will be notified before you log on to to begin the return process.

For easy reference, the following is a step by step process on how to return video games bought at

  • The first step is to access your target account. Just log in on
  • Next, locate your orders on If you’re making use of the Target app, click on purchases in the app so you can identify your order.
  • Once you locate the video game you want to return, select the order.
  • Click on return an item. Once you click on return an item, you’re provided with various options on how to return an item. Select one of the following options:

Return To Store: In this return item option, you’re required to go to any Target outlet near you. Take to your chosen Target store a barcode. The barcode is necessary for any Target team member to start the returning process.

Return by mail: in this return item option, you’re required first to select the video game you want to return. After which, you’re presented with a drop-down menu stating various reasons you might be returning the item.

Select whichever of the reasons suits you. Then select either refund item or replace item option. After selecting this option, click on continue.

Next, you’ll be required to select a shipping address. You can add or edit your shipping address when you visit your account.

After successfully editing or adding your shipping address, click on submit. Then select the print mailing label option. Once you choose the print mailing label option, you will be provided with various steps to print your mailing label. This is where you include the item you bought plus packaging and any other accessories that came with it.

If you return the wrong item and Target has already carried out your refund. Target would I’m this situation recharge you for the original purchase amount.

Before dropping off your package at any authorized UPS location close to you, ensure that you attach the return label to the outside of the box.

  1. Return Online: There are a few items for which you may be able to carry out a refund or replacement request online.

To carry out this process, you need to access your target account. Once you’re logged in on your target account, locate your orders on If you’re making use of the Target app, click on purchases in the app so you can identify your order.

Then click on fix an issue next to the item, the fix an issue option only appears next to items available for refund or return online.

Next, follow the prompts required to complete your replacement or refund request. To successfully carry out a replacement request, it all depends on availability.

Once availability is ensured, the replacement process will be an even exchange without costing you additional charges.

If you request a replacement of items, you can no longer return the original item purchased to the store. Replacing the original article in the store will cancel your replacement request. 

Target Return Policy For Opened Items

Target return policy opened items is perfect. So yes, you can return opened items to Target.

Although there are certain conditions such as;

The product must fall within 90 days and be eligible for a return. As long as it falls under this requirement, Target will give you an exchange or refund.

It should be noted that Target’s return policy for opened items does state that they can refuse to issue a refund on opened items.

Although Target has no specifications as to why this might happen or what it entails, it is essential to keep this information in mind.

FAQs on Target Video Game Return Policy

Target Video Game Return Policy

Can I return a video game if I’ve already opened it?

Yes, you can return a video game if you’ve already opened it. So long as it falls within the 90 day grace period of producing goods and is eligible for a return.

Can you return video games to Target without a receipt?

You can return video games to Target without a receipt.

Target doesn’t always require that you provide a receipt when returning video games as long as you can offer an alternative proof of purchase.

If you paid using any of the following methods, your order could be tracked, negating the need for a receipt. Payment methods that can be followed by Target include;

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Personal check
  • Target gift card

Can you return a game console?

Yes, you can return a game console.  So long as it falls within the 90 day grace period of producing goods and is eligible for a return.

Can you return an opened Target item?

The target return policy allows you to return an opened Target item. However, the Target item must be returned during the maximum 90-day saving grace period. It must also be an item that is eligible for a return.

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