Target Interview Questions and Answers

If you just landed an interview at Target, congratulations! You’re on a significant step to working in one of the world’s foremost retail shops! Target describes its organizational culture as friendly, entertaining, and collaborative. However, is this a guarantee that your target job interview questions will be the same manner? Certainly not!

So, if you’re anxious about the interview process and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry! With a little preparation from us, you’ll ace the Target job interview questions.

In this article, we have summarized all the most often asked interview questions for Target. In addition, we will dish out answers and examples that best fit each question. Let’s roll!

What should you expect?

target executive team leader interview questions

When planning for a job interview, it’s crucial to be prepared for two sorts of questions. We call the first type of question a qualifying interview.

It entails questions like ‘Why do you seem so interested in working for Target?’ or ‘Among other jobs, why do you choose to work in a retail environment?’ Questions like these help the target recruiting manager or team leader measure the applicant based on the relevant job experience.

On the other hand, the second type of interview question you should remember is the behavioral interview question.

Here, the interviewer will give the applicant a clear inquiry and ask him to share a tale about his past work experiences.

Such questions may come like, ‘Share with me about how you once handled a difficult client.’ When you hear such from a target interviewer, ensure you answer using the STAR approach (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

The essence of behavioral interview questions is to aid a team leader, or recruiting manager predict interviewee “on the job” competence. It also enables the firm to assess the interviewee’s key abilities.

Main strengths assist management in better matching an applicant’s abilities, qualities, and overall attitude with some other team member(s).

How do you respond to target interview questions?

Having talked about the two major target job interview questions, you can’t just veer off the beaten path and start answering like you don’t care. The hardest part is that this isn’t the best approach, to begin with.

Once you take time in reasoning, you’ll be able to maneuver even the most challenging questions more easily. So, let’s get started on honing your abilities.

The first thing you need to do is to conduct research. You should evaluate the roles and important strengths the same way you would do signposts that help you stay on a woodland route. Note that every occupation, including the various professions at Target, is unique.

Take a thorough survey of the job description. Assess the list of any required skills or attributes that they require. It is vital to do this because it reveals what the recruitment team is searching for.

When you combine your assessment with a comprehensive examination of Target’s goal and mission statements, you’ll have a good idea of what the firm wants.

Target Interview Questions and Answers

Target Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some popular target executive team leader interview questions regarding the job interview.

Can we meet you?


When asked a question like this, summarize yourself, hobbies, and things you do for fun. Concentrate on the relevant work experience you had. Keep in mind that having relevant job experience will place you ahead of your competitors.

While you keep talking, the interviewer will focus on evidence that you’d be a good team player and blend in with the organization’s growth.

Training, past work experience, collaboration examples, and work-related objectives are excellent topics to dredge up in this talk section.

It is a wonderful chance for applicants pursuing one of the various department staffing roles to show that they know how to convey characteristics (in this case, information about themselves) as benefits (something people want).

What do you know about Target?

Your interviewers may not ask this question on time, but they always do. It’s critical to understand the fundamentals of any firm you’re contemplating as a workplace. Target adds to the relevance of this question by attempting to carve out a distinct space in clients’ thoughts.


  • Target is not seeking to become the bargain shop of choice but the general store of choice. They sell anything from fresh meat and vegetables to designer women’s clothing, gadgets, and athletic items, all of which are high quality and reasonably priced.
  • Target is an eight high-end retail company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. In 1962, Target was founded as the discounted division of the Minneapolis-based Dayton Company. In the 1980s, as part of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, it started growing the retailer worldwide, and in the 1990s, it debuted new shop concepts under the Target name.
  • CVS Health signed a deal with Target on June 15, 2015, to buy all of Target’s clinics and medical businesses for about $1.9 billion. They renamed target pharmacies like CVS Health pharmacies, and there were 1,672 of them in February 2016. MinuteClinic was also used to rename target clinics. CVS extended its industry by acquiring Target pharmacies in Seattle, Denver, Portland, and Salt Lake City.
  • Target stores encompass Target Chain Stores (135,000 square feet), CityTarget (80,000 square feet), Target Express (10,000 square feet) (14,000 square feet to 21,000 square feet), and SuperTarget (174,000 square feet).
  • The store’s catchphrase is “expect more, pay less,” while their emblem is a dog named “Bullseye.”
  • Target financial services provide Target Redcard, provided as the company’s credit card. The company’s financial services likewise manage Target GiftCard. Target Debit Card is also available.

Why are you so interested in working with us?


Mention how much you appreciate the items and treatment you receive at Target. Read the job description for this position and respond to it. Also, make them understand that you’ll be proud to be one of their representatives.

What makes you a collaborative team member?


Convince your interviewer and make them see you as an active listener. Not only that, tell them how actively you take part in teamwork, how you listen to colleagues, respond to their difficulties, and develop long-term relationships.

If a consumer is furious because he can’t find a product, how would you be of help?


Emphasize that you will always listen to the customer’s issue, direct them to the proper position, or even look for where it is immediately and then guide them there. Note that Target does not like it when a staffer points towards a direction and says, “Check it out in row 8”.

Rather, they want the target staff to address the situation with the customer. Allow your response to the recruiter to show that you convey basic customer service.

If someone in a retail store has ever pointed an item at you while another stops what he is doing and walks you down to where it is, you will understand the difference.

Thus, tell the customer that you’ll be happy to direct him to where you stocked the item. Then you walk the customer and ensure to give them what they want. It is a perfect example of customer service.

Have you ever experienced stress at work? If yes, how did you handle it?


This question is a test to know how well you handle stress. Of course, everyone experiences stress at work in diverse ways. So, you go by giving a situation how you handled that.

You can say you had many consumers rush into the store outlet as the business was closing for the day. They were attempting to play a practical joke on you.

You concluded that speaking softly to the group was the best approach to manage the matter. Also, you told the retail department manager what was going on. You felt demoralized, which made it stressful.

 How would you react if a customer ever asks a question you know nothing about?


Explain to the customer that you are a recent employee member of the Target retail store. Then tell them you would love to confer with another coworker who knows more about what they’ve inquired. Kindly tell them to stay put while you work to find another colleague who could help with the situation.

How do you handle quarrels between team members?


It’s never easy to settle a quarrel. But, before attempting to resolve a problem, you believe in intolerance and a thorough grasp of the circumstance. You will ask some questions to clarify what’s going on, then settle them.

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FAQs on Interview Questions for Target

Interview Questions for Target

How do I prepare for a target interview?

  • First, be certain that you understand where you’re heading and the duration it will take to get there. Visit the internet to figure out the quickest route and leave your home early enough to ensure you arrive on time. Remember that lateness is unacceptable.
  • Carry out proper research on all you need to know about target stores. In addition, remind yourself why you choose to work for Target over other firms. For example, why is Target preferable to Costco?
  • Examine possible interview questions and consider how you would respond based on your point of view.
  • Acknowledge your long-term goals. Target looks for persons willing to work in the retail industry for a longer period. Even though you want to work there as a side hustle, ensure that you plan to spend more than a few months with Target.

Are Target Interviews hard?

Target interviews are not difficult. However, if you’re shy and reserved, target phone interview questions may seem more challenging than a face-to-face interview.

The human resource manager will call to ask if you’ll be available for an interview at a stipulated date for target phone interview questions. After the interview, the interviewing team will sit to evaluate your replies and give you feedback.

Why do you want this position at Target?

Admit how you believe Target will be an excellent method to fund your education if you are still in the university or college. Also, declare that you believe you can learn about retail from Target because it is a Fortune 500 firm.

What are target virtual interview questions?

In target virtual interview questions, you will need a phone, laptop, or desktop computer that has a camera to record yourself while answering.

The questions will line up on your screen as a text or video in an interviewer from Target recorded earlier on. You will receive about thirty seconds to prepare your answer ahead and reply in two minutes.

Target does not have a specific number of questions for phone interviews, so get set to answer about three to five questions. Some target phone interview questions are;

  • How was your previous job’s attendance?
  • What are your working hours?
  • What do you think makes up outstanding customer service?
  • How would you handle a stressful client?
  • Share with us an instance when you went the extra mile for a customer.

Final thoughts

A Target team leads interview questions that aren’t too easy. Although, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of success. Allow the pointers mentioned above to serve as your guide while you navigate the interview process. So be ready for the adventure, enjoy the journey, and get out there.

If you do, you’ll prove to the hiring manager you’re the best fit for the job as you enhance your chances of impressing them.

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