Target Dress Code 2022 Breakdown

When you decide to get a job at your local Target, you will have to follow the company’s rules and regulations. Although there are others, you cannot ignore the company’s dress code. If you break the Target employee dress code, you might be sent home or reprimanded. You don’t want this to happen.

Instead, you should check out the Target employee handbook dress code so you can follow it strictly. What do you have to wear when working at Target?

Can you wear whatever you want, or will you have to follow a strict dress code? Continue reading to find out what Target permits.

Is There A Target Uniform Policy?

Target Dress Code

When you begin working at Target, you will have to follow a specific dress code. Recently, the company has changed its dress code. Nevertheless, the dress code is still strict. Today, workers can wear khaki pants or denim.

However, their pants have to be accompanied by the company’s iconic red top. Previously, workers had to wear khaki pants with a red shirt. Now, they can wear blue jeans as well.

Either way, Target has a uniform policy, and workers have to follow it each day.

What Is The New Dress Code For Target Store Team Members?

As mentioned above, Target recently revamped its dress code to give employees more freedom. Previously, workers were forced to wear red shirts with khaki pants.

In February 2019, it announced a new dress code for all team members. Although the change wasn’t dramatic, many employees appreciated it. After all, they can now begin wearing blue jeans or denim. They can wear blue jeans if they’re wearing a red top.

Don’t be surprised when you see Target’s team members wearing blue jeans when you visit your local store again.

Target Uniform Employee Policy

Target employees have to follow the unique Target uniform policy. Failing to do so could get them into trouble eventually. As of 2021, the company has loosened its dress code to give workers a few more options.

First and foremost, they have to wear a red top. They can wear a polo shirt, sweater, or hoodie as long as it is red. In addition to this, most workers are encouraged to wear khaki pants.

However, some stores now allow workers to wear blue jeans. In addition to this, the retailer is flexible and wants employees to be expressive.

For instance, workers can wear piercings and other fashion accessories. Regardless, these individuals will always be required to wear a red top.

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Target Job Interview Dress Code

Before you can be added to the Target roster, you’ll need to complete the job interview. If you manage to impress the interviewer, you’ll have a much better chance of getting the job. Suffice to say, dressing to impress will make a big difference.

It is essential to wear the right clothes. If you dress too casually, the interviewer may believe that you’re not taking it seriously.

Prevent this from happening by wearing khakis and a buttoned-up shirt. It is wise to wear a red top. After all, you want to show Target that you’re ready to adhere to its rules and regulations.

Make sure you dress to impress, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting the job.

What To Wear During Your First Day At Target?

During your first day, you’re likely going to be anxious. Don’t let it bother you too much. Be confident that you’re going to be an asset to the company. Furthermore, you have to begin following Target’s guidelines right away.

You’ll need to follow the Target employee dress code, or you’ll be sent home. You don’t want to create problems during your first day at work. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear a red shirt and khaki pants on your first day.

Make sure that the shirt is all-red. During your first day, talk to the other workers to find out whether you can wear blue jeans at your store. Some stores allow their workers to wear denim, but others do not.

Find out before wearing them. If you want to find out first, you can talk to your supervisor. Call the store and find out what you can and cannot wear.

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Do I Have To Wear A Red Shirt At Target?

Target employees are required to wear red shirts during their respective shifts. Although this is going to limit your options, there are still plenty. For instance, you can wear any shirt that is all-red. Plus, it has to be modest and appropriate for work.

You can wear a polo shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, or sweater. Just remember that the shirt has to be red without any designs or logos. It needs to be an all-red shirt with nothing else on it.

Does Target Give Workers Uniforms?

When visiting a Target store, you’ll find that the workers are wearing the same items. Everyone is wearing a pair of khakis and a red shirt.

You may suspect that Target gives its workers a uniform. Ultimately, this is not the case. Target does not give its workers any clothes.

Instead, you’ll be forced to purchase an all-red shirt. Target won’t give you one. You can wear any red shirt, but it has to be basic and totally red. As mentioned above, the t-shirt cannot have any logos, slogans, or designs.

You’ll also have to buy your khakis and pants. Target recently started letting workers wear jeans at certain stores. Be sure to check with your supervisor before doing so.

Can Workers Wear Jeans At Target?

Can Workers Wear Jeans At Target

Ultimately, you might be able to wear a pair of jeans at Target. However, you may not be allowed to do so. The corporation recently announced that it would begin letting workers wear blue jeans.

Still, it should be noted that not all stores have adopted this policy yet. Many Target stores now allow workers to come to work in blue jeans, but not all of them.

Talk to your supervisor to learn more about the store’s dress code before wearing blue jeans to work. Otherwise, you might get into trouble.

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Can I Wear A Hoodie When Working At Target?

When working at Target, you can indeed wear a hoodie. Just remember that there are certain restrictions. You cannot wear a blue, green, purple, or black hoodie. Instead, it has to be all-red. It needs to be all-red without any designs or logos.

It is a good idea to wear a red hoodie to Target so you can stay warm during the winter months. Your supervisor may say otherwise, but Target’s policy indeed allows workers to wear all-red hoodies.

Will You Have To Tuck Your Shirt In?

You’ll often see that Target workers have their shirts tucked into their pants. Although this is a good idea, it usually isn’t a requirement. Target wants its staff members to look professional. If you can look professional without tucking your shirt into your pants, you’ll be okay.

Can Target Works Wear Black Pants?

You’ve likely thought about wearing a pair of black pants to work. Some companies don’t allow it, but Target usually does. Your store might have unique rules, but most Target stores will allow employees to wear black pants.

According to the company’s employee handbook, workers can wear any pair of pants as long as they’re a solid color.


Once you’ve landed a job at Target, you should begin following the company’s dress code. Thankfully, it is simple. The company wants you to wear a pair of khakis and a redshirt.

Today, some stores allow workers to wear blue jeans and leggings too. Talk to your supervisor to find out what you can wear so you don’t get yourself into trouble.

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FAQs on Target Dress Code

What Is The Dress Code At Target?

The dress code at Target is simple. You’ll need to wear a red shirt with a pair of khaki pants or blue jeans. The shirt has to be all-red without logos or designs.

Can Target Employees Wear Jeans?

In many cases, the answer is yes. At most Target stores, you can indeed wear a pair of jeans. It is wise to check with your supervisor first.

Can I Wear Leggings To Work At Target?

Ultimately, some Target stores allow workers to wear leggings. Some don’t. Talk to your supervisor to find out.

Can I Wear Black Jeans To Work At Target?

You might be able to wear black pants to Target. Most stores allow it. Still, it is a good idea to ask your boss first.

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