Sam’s Club Gas Quality

If you have a valid Sam’s Club membership or frequent the store, you might be thinking about trying out their gasoline sometime, if it is so, continue reading to find out more about Sam’s Club gas quality, to pump or pass.

In this piece, we take a look at the kind of fuel that Sam’s Club sells, how it fares against the competitors in terms of quality and price and how exactly you can buy fuel from Sam’s Club.

Is Sam’s Club gas top tier?

With up to 600 locations all over the United States, Sam’s Club has become the staple place of shopping for everyday and household items for a large number of people.

The membership-only warehouse-style retail chain offers all kinds of products. You can exhaust your shopping list at a Sam’s Club. They even sell gas!

Is Sam’s Club gas top tier?

As of the time of writing, gas sold at Sam’s Club gas station is in fact not top tier. To be designated as a top-tier fuel, gasoline has to meet certain criteria.

Sam’s Club gas does not meet those criteria and therefore is not top tier. Let us learn more about what Top Tier fuel exactly is.

What exactly is Top Tier gasoline?

It has to do with fuel additives. Simply put, fuel additives are substances added to pure gasoline to enhance their quality. Fuel additives may impart additional qualities to the fuel such as carbon inhibition, lubrication, etc.

These additives generally work to keep the engine components clean and prolong their working life. Since 1995, all fuel sold in the United States has been required to have a minimum amount of fuel additives.

Some automobile manufacturers insisted that the minimum amount of additives set by the EPA law was not enough.

They began recommending higher levels of fuel additives for their automobiles. This led to the birth of top-tier gasoline. For a fuel to be designated as top tier it should fulfill the following:

  • Must achieve a higher level of engine cleaning performance through deposit control fuel additives
  • Must not contain metallic additives that are harmful to the engine and the environment
  • Must be available across all octane levels at the marketer’s gas stations

Sam’s Club Gas Quality

Sam’s Club Gas Quality

We know that Sam’s club does not sell top-tier gas. Depending on how you see top-tier gas, you might consider Sam’s club gasoline better or worse quality. Just know that to tier gasoline helps with prolonging engine life and better fuel economy.

With that said, Sam’s club gasoline shouldn’t really be considered ‘low quality’ right off the bat. They still adhere to the gasoline laws formed by various bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the state governments. Gasoline sold at Sam’s Club still meets the standards set up by the EPA.

As for the source of Sam’s Club gasoline, again, we don’t know much. The company guards its processes and techniques fiercely and does not even disclose where they source their gasoline from. Historically, Sam’s Club used to get their gasoline from Murphy USA, but that deal ended back in 2016.

Currently, it is believed that Sam’s Club gets its gasoline from many different sources such as Chevron and Exxon. Going by the popular guesses, the overall quality of the fuel should still be pretty good, albeit, not top tier.

Sam’s Club 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sam’s Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their gasoline. This is a way for the company to assure its buyers that the product will be to their satisfaction.

Under the guarantee, Sam’s club promises to do one of the following in case you are not fully satisfied with your purchase:

  • Replace the product
  • Refund the product
  • Compensate with a Sam’s Club gift card

Sam’s Club gasoline prices

Now that we are aware of the type and quality of gas sold at Sam’s club, let’s talk prices. For many commodities including gasoline, the prices change and fluctuate daily. This is a combined economic and legal effect. On average, Sam’s club gas prices can be considered on the cheaper side.

Comparing it to Costco gas prices, Sam’s club often comes close. In fact, Sam’s club is one of the few stores that can undercut Costco gas prices on certain lucky days.

Costco is able to keep their gas so cheap because they recover part of it from their membership. Sam’s club on the other has its own secret recipe that helps them undercut the costs.

How to buy gas at Sam’s Club

There are a few things you need to successfully follow to be able to buy gas at Sam’s club. The leading warehouse has about 600 locations across the country, making the gas stations quite accessible. Let us see the different factors that are involved in buying gas at Sam’s Club.


We must not forget that at the end of the day, Sam’s Club is a membership warehouse chain. This means that you will need a valid membership to make gas or any purchases at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club offers two different kinds of memberships:

  • Standard or personal membership: Such a membership costs $45 annually. This membership is enough to give you access to gas stations.
  • Sam’s Plus membership: This is regarded as the advanced or business membership. It costs $100 per year. It includes all the standard benefits so fuel is available with this membership just as well.

Can you buy gas at Sam’s Club without a membership?

For the majority of locations, you must be a member. There are still a few locations where gas stations are open to the general public.

If you happen to be a member and buy from one of these places, Sam’s Club gives you extra discounts, except in the state of New Jersey. The store locator can be used to find it out.


It helps to understand that Sam’s Club is very strict about its timings. The gas stations also follow strict timings.

  • Monday to Saturday the fuel centers are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • For Sundays, the timings are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Note the timing change especially for Sundays. It is always best to check the schedule before you ride out.

Payment methods

Given that you have a valid membership, you can you a variety of payment methods to pay for goods and gas at Sam’s Club, These include:

  • Sam’s Club Mastercard (enjoy extra 5% cashback on gas purchases with this payment method)
  • Gift cards from Walmart or Sam’s Club
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Walmart rewards card
  • Most credit cards


When it comes to Sam’s Club gas quality, the topic has been quite debated among auto enthusiasts and auto mechanics alike. So point out that the gas is not top tier while others back it up with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

FAQs on Sam Gas Station

Sam Gas Station

Is Sam’s Club Top Tier gas?

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club gas is not Top Tier Gas. It does not contain enough fuel additives to quality as Top Tier Gas.

What brand of gas does Sam’s Club use?

Unlike many other gas stations, Sam’s Club does not source its gas from a single brand. As a result, they sell unbranded fuel or fuel without a name on it. They like to keep their fuel sources hidden.

Who has better gas, Costco or Sam’s Club?

The two places have been competing in the gas market fiercely. There are two major points of difference. Firstly, Costco offers top-tier gas. This means that their gas offers better fuel economy and lends longevity to the engine.

Sam’s Club does not offer top-tier gas. Secondly, Costco provides much cheaper gas than Sam’s Club. If you have a Costco membership, it makes sense to say that their gas is better than Sam’s Club.

Why is Sam’s gas so cheap?

Sam’s club is often able to match Costco prices because of their special processing methods. They keep their production process a secret and while they don’t offer top-tier gas, they still offer a decent product.

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