Privacy Policy

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Does Collect My Information? collects your relevant information in the form of web cookies. These cookies are designed to help bring ads that are important and relevant to you on your screen.

Please disregard rumors that these cookies infect your PC with a virus, take up private information, and sell to the highest bidder. We do not employ the use of spyware. Also, does not use popup notifications to distract our visitors.

The goal of this information collected helps us use what users are interested in to improve our website and improve our users’ experience. For this, uses Google Analytics to make an in-depth analysis of using the information gathered through the web cookies.

What Do We Do With Your Information?

The information gathered is used as a benchmark for quality analysis and website optimization. As stated, does not sell the analysis gathered to the highest bidder.

Furthermore, residents in the EEA (European Economic Area) can track the data collected, stop the collection of data, delete the data stored on our records, and report to the relevant regulatory bodies if they feel the data collected is breached.

How To Stop Web Cookies?

Depending on the web browser used to access, the settings to block web cookies vary. You can set it to provide permission first before it starts collecting data or stop it altogether. Please see the different links for the browsers on how to restrict web cookies on the browser.

How To Reach Customer Support?

To reach customer support for more information, as well as to answer your questions and inquiries, please send a mail at

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