Does Kroger Do Cash Back in 2022?

This article will answer some of the popular questions about Kroger’s cashback policy, such as how much cashback you can get at Kroger, Kroger cash back limit, and others.

Kroger is America’s second-largest retail company. The retail company is famous for its shopping experiences and cashback policy.

Does Kroger Do Cash Back in 2022?

Does Kroger Do Cash Back?

Kroger does cashback at all its locations. You can get cashback at the self-checkout, customer service desk, and register.

Your payment option determines the maximum cashback you can get. If you use debit cards, you can earn up to $300 cashback.

Discover credit card users can get up to $150 cashback. EBT cardholders are eligible for up to $100 cashback. Check payments get a maximum of $20 cashback. Kroger stores charge between  $0.50 – $3.50 per transaction.

Below, we will discuss the cashback options available for different payment options.

Note that each Kroger store can set its cashback policy, so you should confirm with the store in your location. All of them accept debit cards. However, you might need to get more details for other payment options.

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Cash Back On Debit Card Transactions

Kroger stores allow up to $300 in cashback when you purchase using a debit card. This is the highest cashback maximum. This also applies to purchases made using a  Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Visa debit card.

There are fees attached to this. Most stores operate a standard $0.50 fee for up to $100 cashback. For cash back higher than that, a $3.50 fee applies. This fee can vary from location to location.

You get a cashback option when paying for your purchased goods. All you have to do is select the amount you want, and the self-checkout register or cashier will give you the amount in cash.

For this to work, you need to run the payment as a PIN-based debit transaction. Also, if you use your debit card as a credit card, you won’t get quality cashback.

Cashback on Discover Credit Card Transactions

There is no cashback for credit card transactions. However, you would qualify for a cashback if you use a Discover Credit Card.

Kroger retail stores are part of the Discover Cash Over program. As a Discover credit cardholder, you qualify for up to $150 cashback every 24 hours.

There are no fees attached to getting your cashback with a Discover credit card. However, regular interest rates apply for the transaction.

Unlike debit card transactions, you may still qualify for cashback if your transactions are not PIN authenticated. This is at the discretion of the store management.

Cash Back On Check Transactions

You also qualify for cashback when you make a transaction using a personal check. The limit is capped at $20. The store might only consider you for cashback if you regularly use a personal check to make purchases.

The low limit might be how long it takes to process personal checks. The processing time for checks is usually 2-3 business days. Kroger doesn’t charge any fee for cashback on check transactions.

Cashback on EBT Card transactions

If you have an EBT card, you can be eligible to cash back from $50 to $100. To qualify, you need to have a cash balance through a cash assistance program like TANF -Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

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Cash Back at the Customer Service Desk

Typically, you get cash back when purchasing the register or self-checkout. There are instances where you should go to the customer service desk for your cash desk.

This usually applies when you need a large sum of cashback. Most individual registers may not have enough cash to meet your amount.

Some stores charge up to $6 for large amounts of cashback. You should check with the store in your location for specific details.

What Items Are Eligible for Cash Back at Kroger Stores?

Some items are not eligible for cashback at Kroger stores. If you want cashback benefits, you should check if your purchase items qualify for the Kroger Cash Back Reward Program.

For instance, close-out sales items are not eligible for cash back benefits. These include ‘Manager’s Special.’ Also, your purchases won’t qualify for a cashback it is less than the cash back value or exceeds the maximum limit.

Furthermore, there is no cash back for amounts “off order” for the items listed below:

  • Lottery
  • Money services and fees
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Tobacco products
  • Fuel
  • Gift cards
  • Alcohol

Can I cash a check at Kroger?

If you mean to use a check to make a purchase, yes, you can. You also qualify for cash back. Kroger cash checks allow you to get up to $20 cash back.

What store gives the most cash back on debit cards?

All cards will give up to the $300 cash back if your purchase qualifies for it. Check with your local store for more details.


Kroger cash back policy gives you up to $300 for purchases. The exact amounts vary depending on if you are using a debit card, Discover credit cards, check, or EBT card for the transaction.

There is a fee for getting your cash back, ranging from $0.50 to $3.50. All Kroger stores offer cash backs, but you should check with your local store for specific details.

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FAQs on Kroger Cash Back Policy

Kroger Cash Back Policy

How does cashback work at Kroger?

Kroger Cash Back Reward Program is a general corporate policy that offers up to $300 cash back on all purchases made at Kroger stores across the county. You can get the cash back at either the register, customer service desk, or self-checkout.

To qualify, you need to use either a debit card, EBT card, Discover credit card, or check to make your payment. The exact cash back amount you are eligible for depends on the payment option you use. Credit cards do not qualify.

You will be charged a fee ranging from $0.50 to $3.50 when you request your cash back.

There might be differences as each Kroger store can adopt the policy at its discretion. You should check with your local store for more details.

Can you get 10 dollars cash back at Kroger?

Yes. You can also get more than $10. For instance, if you use a debit card, you can earn up to $300 cash back.

Discover card transactions have a $150 cash back limit. EBT cardholders can get between $50-$100 cash back. Check transactions qualify for up to $20 cash back.

Is Kroger giving cash back?

Yes. Kroger gives cash back for transactions made with either debit card, EBT card, Discover credit card or check.

How long does Kroger cashback take to process?

Kroger cashback becomes available once you load them to your card. You will be able to cash out within one week of meeting the requirements.

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