How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Target?

Target is one of the leading retailers in the United States. Although it directly competes with Walmart, Target is unique. It provides consumers with a classy, laid-back shopping experience. If you want to shop in a peaceful and quiet facility, go to your local Target. Plus, you can try getting a job at Target. But, how old do you have to be to work at Target?

The retailer offers excellent employee benefits and salaries. Working at a Target store can be fun and exciting. Plus, you’ll develop deep relationships with other workers and customers.

Just remember that you’ll need to be a certain age before you can become a general merchandise expert, cashier, or stock. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about the age limit to work at Target.

Is There A Target Age Requirement?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Target

Ultimately, Target has specific age requirements for each position. It is wise to find out which position you want before checking out the age requirement. For instance, you can join the company’s specialist sales team.

Once you’ve been added to the roster, you’ll provide customer suggestions by actively selling products to consumers and creating stunning merchandising presentations.

Individuals who join one of the Teams in Apparel and Accessories, Beauty, and Technology will focus on selling these products.

You have to pull the products, put them on the shelves, help set prices, and ensure that the sales floor is clean and tidy. To achieve your goals, you’ll need to be skilled in active selling and retail business fundamentals.

It is also a good idea to have a passion for the items you’re selling. For this unique position, the applicant has to be 16 years or older. The specialty sales position is hourly.

Service And Engagement Team

You can also try getting a job with the company’s service and engagement team. These workers go above and beyond to ensure that the guest has a pleasant experience during their visit. For instance, you’ll need to greet customers, thank them for their service, and do whatever it takes to keep them happy.

It is your job to ensure that the shopping and check-out process is quick, easy, and convenient. You can also help deal with pick-up orders, gift registries, and guest services. The job will be exciting since you’re going to be working directly with consumers.

Individuals on this team may work at the service desk. Alternatively, they can be cashiers or cart attendants. Target believes in providing the consumer with the best experience possible. A member of the service and engagement team guarantees that Target achieves its goal. To work on this team, you’ll need to know how to use the cash register.

You’ll also need to climb a ladder, scan merchandise, and be willing to work a flexible schedule. Before you can get one of these jobs, you’ll have to be 16 years or older. Again, this is an hourly position.

General Merchandise And Food Sales Team

If you’re looking for an hourly job at Target, you should try joining the general merchandise and food sales team. Doing so will pay dividends in the long run. Members of this team work hard to ensure that visitors can find what they’re looking for.

You’ll also need to guarantee that the prices are accurately displayed, and the items are properly stocked. You’ll manage the store’s inventory and replenish items when they begin running out. There are certain positions within this category, including foodservice experts, closing experts, general merchandise experts, and presentation experts.

Suffice to say, many Target employees will fit into this category. If you’re interested in getting one of these jobs, you’ll need to wait until you turn 16. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hold one of these positions.

Can I Work At Target At 15?

If you’re 15, you might be interested in getting a job and earning money. Doing so will give you a little independence from your parents. Nevertheless, you have to remember that Target has an age limit for its workers. How old must you be to work at Target? Unfortunately, the company wants its workers to be at least 16 years or older.

Certain companies will hire 15-year-old kids though. Therefore, it is wise to get one of these jobs and try to switch to Target once you’ve enjoyed another birthday.

Can I Work At Target At 16?

Can I Work At Target At 16

Target will not hire anyone until they turn 16. As a result, anyone 16 or older can indeed work at Target. Just remember that there could be restrictions. You might not be able to get certain jobs until you’re older.

For instance, you likely won’t be able to handle or sell alcoholic beverages. The good news is that Target has many excellent jobs for 16-year-olds. Therefore, you should try signing up.

Target’s Part-Time Pay

What age does Target hire? In general, the company will hire anyone 16 and older. Once you’ve met the Target age requirement, you can try getting a job with this company. Doing so will prove to be worth it since Target offers excellent pay.

It is one of the retailers leading the fight to end poverty. Recently, Target increased its minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Just remember that pay may vary depending on the type of job you’re trying to get. Whether you’re joining the company as a general merchandiser, engagement expert, or something else, you will likely be paid $15.

Required Experience

Remember that you might need a year or two of experience because you can get a job at certain stores. If you’re trying to get a job at Target, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

The company has many entry-level positions. Therefore, you can sign up even if you’ve never worked before. Even if you’ve never worked another job, Target will likely hire you.

If you’ve worked in a retail environment before, you can likely use that to negotiate for higher pay. Either way, Target is a great employer.

Preparing For Target’s Interview

You can indeed get a job at Target at 16. Therefore, you should apply for the position as quickly as possible. Just remember that you’ll have to go above and beyond to ensure that you’re the best candidate for the job.

To achieve this goal, you’ll have to dress to impress and excel during the interview. Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing.

Wear a buttoned-down shirt, dress shoes, and a pair of slacks. Don’t dress casually because that could create a bad impression. However, you don’t need to wear formal clothes either.

Target Employee Benefits

Target Employee Benefits

Should you get a job at your local Target? Will it be worth it? Ultimately, it could be. The company provides its workers with many excellent benefits, including paid time off, paid sick days, and paid holidays.

Plus, workers often receive annual bonuses, vacation time, and retirement plans. Other benefits include medical insurance, flexible spending accounts, and mental health care services. If you’re looking for a good job with excellent pay, it would be a good idea to get a job at your local Target.

Working there will be fun, exciting, and profitable. Just remember that all applicants have to be 16 before they can get a job at Target. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait until you get older.


You cannot become a Target employee until you become 16. You can get other jobs though. Therefore, you should scan the Internet and check local newspapers.

You can likely find a company willing to hire you at 15. Once you’ve turned 16, you can try getting a job at your local Target. It is wise to do so since Target offers excellent employees benefits and a great salary.

FAQs on How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Target?

Can I Work At Target At 14?

Now. You cannot get a job at Target until you turn 16. Until then, you’ll have to work elsewhere.

What Can A 14 Year Old Do At Target?

Unfortunately, 14-year-old kids can only shop at Target. The company doesn’t hire anyone under 16.

Can You Work At Target At 15 With A Work Permit?

Even if you get a work permit, you likely won’t get a job at Target. The company has a strict age limit. It doesn’t hire anyone who is under 16.

What Retail Can You Work At 15?

Many retailers are happy to hire people between the ages of 14 and 16. For instance, you might be able to get a job at Gap, GUESS, Hot Topic, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21.

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