Does Walmart Sell Cigarettes

Walmart is the largest company globally in revenue, with around 40 million(!) estimated customers per day. It is the single biggest ‘mega-retailer’ globally with over 10,000 stores worldwide, with 4,743 in the United States only.

Cigarette smoking and general tobacco use are commonplace worldwide, with over 19% of adults smokers as of 2020.

Walmart is famous for a large number of its stores and competitive prices. They have often been referred to as a ‘seller of everything,’ but in this article, we will look at whether cigarettes, e-juice, vapes, and other tobacco products can be gotten at Walmart.

Does Walmart sell Cigarettes?

Does Walmart sell Cigarettes

The simple answer is yes; as of 2021, Walmart sells cigarettes in the United States. However, this is subject to verification of identity and legal purchase age. The verification is usually a photo ID issued by the government.

Therefore, student IDs and work IDs are not considered. Acceptable IDs include military IDs, driver’s licenses, passports, and tribal identification cards.

Before 2019, the minimum purchase age for tobacco products in the United States was 18 years. Due to concerns about the sale of tobacco to minors, Walmarts stopped selling cigarettes and other products to people under 21 in July 2019.

In December 2019, the then President signed a bill amending the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. In this Act, the federal minimum age for tobacco purchase was changed to 21 years. Therefore, only people 21 years and above can legally buy cigarettes at US Walmarts.

Walmart does not sell cigarettes in Canada. Walmart stopped selling cigarettes in 1994 after the Canadian Province of Ontario banned the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies.

Since many Walmart outlets contain pharmacies, Walmart decided to stop selling cigarettes across all stores in Canada. By 2008, all provinces in Canada had banned tobacco sales.

Hence, you can buy cigarettes at Walmart stores in the United States but not in Canada.

Does Walmart sell Cigars?

Yes, as above, Walmart US sells cigars to people above the legal age with the same regulations as for cigarettes. People above 21 years can buy cigars as long as they have government-issued identification.

You should note that the cigar sold in Walmarts is the common one found at gas stations and smaller stores. Walmart does not sell Cuban cigars.

This is because of the trade embargo placed by the United States on Cuba, which extends to Cuban products, including their cigars.

Therefore, you can not buy genuine Cuban cigars at Walmart or legally in the US. There are, however, a variety of other cigars that you can get quickly at the Walmart close to you.

In Canada, Walmart does not sell cigarettes, which extends to all tobacco products, including cigars.

Which tobacco products does Walmart sell?

Which tobacco products does Walmart sell?

At Walmart, you can get various tobacco products at most stores. These include smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco (also known as rolling tobacco), and rolling papers at some stores. However, as said, these products are not sold in outlets in Canada.

It is also possible to get nicotine gum and lozenges in Walmart locations in the US for people trying to get rid of nicotine addiction.

These products are protected by the same ID and age restrictions that govern the sale of tobacco products. Other non-tobacco accessories sold in Walmarts include pipes, pipe stands, ashtrays, cigarette holders, and tobacco pouches.

You can buy these items individually or as part of a set at the nearest Walmart. You can also order them online and have them delivered to you.

Does Walmart sell e-juice?

The answer is no. As of today, Walmart does not sell e-juice. E-juice is the liquid stuff inside electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cig juice, vape juice, or e-liquid.

Walmart does not sell this product at any of its United States outlets. Walmart stopped selling this product in 2019 after a mysterious lung disease broke out linked to vaping.

Walmart then decided to stop the sale of e-juice cartridges and ‘other electronic nicotine delivery devices.’  In 2019, Walmart stated that they are “raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, including all e-cigarettes, to 21”.

They also stated that they discontinued the sale of “fruit- and dessert-flavored electronic nicotine delivery systems” from 1st July 2019. Walmart would later stop the sale of all kinds of e-cigarettes in September 2019.

This was before the Trump administration banned the sale of e-liquid cartridges in all other flavors apart from menthol and tobacco.

Therefore, e-juice is one tobacco product not available in Walmart stores.

Can you buy electronic cigarettes at Walmart? 

Like e-juice, you can not get electronic cigarettes/Vapes at any Walmart store in the US or Canada. In 2019, Walmart announced that it had decided to stop selling e-cigarettes in all stores due to “growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity and uncertainty involving e-cigarettes.”

This stoppage cut across all Walmart stores in the US and Sam’s Club locations in the US. Walmart, however, stated that it would continue to sell a “limited number of vaping accessories” online in Canada.

It should be noted that these accessories do not include vape juice and Juul pods.


You can get cigars, cigarettes, rolling papers, tobacco, nicotine gum, and other related tobacco products in the USA. All required is a proper, government-issued photo ID and proof that you are above the licensed age, generally 21 years in the United States.

In Canada, Walmart does not sell cigarettes or tobacco products.

Walmart does not sell Vapes or vaping products in the United States and Canada.

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FAQ’s on Walmart Tobacco

Walmart Tobacco

– Can you buy a carton of cigarettes at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy a carton of cigarettes and other tobacco products at any Walmart store in the US, provided you have an ID and are 21 years and above. You can not buy cigarettes in Walmart stores in Canada.

– Is Walmart going to stop selling cigarettes?

No. As of 2021, Walmart will not stop selling cigarettes in the United States. You, however, have to be 21 to purchase cigarettes at Walmart.

What brand of cigarettes do Walmarts sell?

Marlboro cigarettes, Newport cigarettes, Virginia slims, and many other cigarette brands can all be gotten at Walmart.

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