Does Walmart Make Keys?

It is always better to get spare keys made and stored for emergencies. On that note, Does Walmart make keys? Let us try to find out!


Walmart is like the omnipresent store chain in the United States. With over ten thousand locations across the country, you are more likely to run into a Walmart than you will run into a police station or post office.

Moreover, Walmart provides a plethora of services. Keys are everywhere around us. Be it our apartment door, our car, or our beloved cupboard. We can’t imagine our lives without keys and locks today.

While on the one hand, keys provide safety and security to our beloved items, they can also end up wreaking havoc in case they get misplaced or lost.

Does Walmart make keys in 2022?

Does Walmart make keys

The good news is yes, Walmart does make keys. Walmart provides key copying services as of 2022. This means that if you have a key that you want to get copied, Walmart is a good place to get it done. Walmart allows us to cut our own keys and make duplicates.

When at a Walmart, you want to look for MinuteKey kiosks. MinuteKey is a standalone business that deals in locksmith and key services.

Walmart has partnered with MinuteKey for its services. Hence, when at a Walmart, walk up to the MinuteKey kiosk and you start your key creation procedure.

When it comes to the pricing, each Walmart charges on a per-key basis. The exact cost for a key can range anywhere from $2 to $6. The final price depends on many factors such as lock design and key function.

The good thing is that Walmart only charges for the key copying and there are no hidden charges. Let us learn more about the kiosks.

MinuteKey Kiosks at Walmart

Kiosks are nothing but ATM-like machines. You pay for the service, avail of the service, the machine provides the relevant goods or items and we are done. It is that easy. Now if that confuses you, let us take a look at MinuteKey kiosks directly.

MinuteKey machines have a touchscreen-based interface. Once you are at the machine, begin by pressing the start button. At this point, the machine will ask you to insert the original key which you must be carrying.

The machine will have a specific spot for inserting the original key in. Make sure to place the teeth of the key to the left (or as indicated on the machine itself) when inserting the key.

Once inserted, the kiosk will take a minute or two to identify the key design and trace the key details into its memory. Just be patient, the process usually takes a few minutes to get this done. After the machine has successfully scanned the key, you will be prompted to pick a key design.

Walmart offers multiple designs including cartoon ones and completely simple ones. Pick the one you like and pick the number of copies you wish to get.

After you have those two things chosen, the kiosk will show you the final price for the keys. Use cash or card payment methods including debit and credit cards from most major card companies. The kiosk will have a slot for using the card, upon successful payment, the machine will start working on your copies.

Once the key copying has started, you will be able to visibly see the moving parts of the key duplicating machine. It does take a few minutes to get the keys made, however, will depend on how many different keys you have and how many copies of each you are looking to get made.

When the keys are made, collect the duplicates from the bottom while your original is from the slot that you put it in.  And that is it, that is how we use MinuteKey kiosks at Walmart.

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Where can I find MinuteKey kiosks at Walmart?

Where can I find MinuteKey kiosks at Walmart?

The kiosks are generally found at the front of the store. You do not have to walk deeper into the store. If you still can not see it, asking the staff would be the best thing to do. Also important to realize is that not all Walmart locations have this feature, the staff will inform you accordingly.

What is the cost to make keys at Walmart?

When it comes to pricing, Walmart has always been highly competitive and pocket-friendly. The average cost of a key is $2. The same will also be mentioned on the kiosk. Depending on the type and style of the keys you want, a key could cost you anywhere between $2 to $6.

Note that Walmart only charges for the key itself. They do not have any other kind of hidden service charge or fee, which is a money saver.

Note that the above rule for charging only the cost of the key is only for keys and locks purchased from Walmart itself. If the keys and locks were purchased elsewhere, the charges might be a bit higher.

What kind of keys does Walmart make?

Walmart can duplicate most keys you encounter in daily life. This could be your apartment keys, office keys, cupboard, or bookshelf keys. It could even be the keys to your college dorm or anything like that. As long as you have the original key, Walmart can most likely duplicate it.

Old or vintage car keys can also easily be duplicated. This includes the older era cars which do not have any electronics or chip systems on them.

If you are instead looking to have a modern car key duplicated, your luck might be a bit tough. The kiosk will let you know though, so it does not hurt to check once in case the kiosk can do it.

The kiosks are intelligent enough to trace the key designs intricately and give you an exact copy as fast as possible. There are certain exceptions however, in those cases, the kiosk might refuse to duplicate the key, more on that later.

What kind of keys does Walmart not make?

Even though Walmart can make most keys that you encounter in daily life, they do have certain limits:

  • High-security keys with technical designs can not be duplicated
  • Keys that say “do not duplicate” on the top can not be duplicated
  • Keys to modern cars such as those with chip systems can not be duplicated
  • Keys to bank lockers, government offices, etc can not be duplicated

These measures are kept in place to ensure a safe civic life and discourage robberies. Keys, after all, guard our most precious possessions.

Do all Walmart locations offer key duplicating services?

Do all Walmart locations offer key duplicating services?

While it is true that Walmart is known for its heavily widespread reach and a staggering number of locations across the country, not all services may be available at all locations.

The same goes for key copying and duplicating services. Not all Walmart locations have the MinuteKey kiosk yet. It is therefore possible that the nearest Walmart location might not have key copying and duplicating services. Well, then how does one find out?

How to locate Walmart locations with MinuteKey kiosks

As we have just discovered, not all Walmart locations have the key copying and duplicating feature yet. But lucky for us, Walmart offers a very convenient locator tool. The tool can be accessed here.

The tool is operated by MinuteKey itself and is super easy to use. Once at the website, you can find the nearest kiosk within a few minutes. To find a location, try entering your zip code or state.

The map on the side should be populated with all the available kiosks in that area. Note that not all kiosks will be at a Walmart, there may be other places as well.

If you are looking for Walmart-specific kiosks, make sure to go for a Walmart-based location. And there you have it, the nearest Walmart location with key copying and duplicating services.

Getting your keys copied at Walmart vs at a locksmith’s

One might wonder how getting keys copied at Walmart compares with getting it done at a professional locksmith. Let us look at a few points:

  • Price: Walmart already offers highly competitive pricing for keys. The average price for a key copy is $2. Professional locksmiths could never beat that price. If you are getting a simple key with a single copy made, your total bill won’t be more than $3 in most cases. On the other hand, a professional would charge you for your time and craftsmanship.
  • Appointments: When you are in an emergency and are in need of a key copy, you ring the nearest locksmith and find out they aren’t available for the next two weeks. This is the main problem with locksmiths. We don’t have this issue with Walmart. You get your keys copied whenever you want to.
  • Ease of use: We must not forget to mention how easy it is to use the kiosk machines and get your keys. The machines utilize robotic cut technology to read your keys right then and there and make an exact for you within minutes.

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When it comes to locks and keys, it is always nice to have spare copies kept somewhere reliable which you have emergency access to in case you end up losing or dropping your main keys.

With more than ten thousand locations across the country, Walmart is your go-to place for key making, copying, or duplicating! As we mentioned, they offer really competitive pricing per key and fast render times.

The kiosks utilize modern technology to provide the best service. If you are looking to get multiple copies done, Walmart is probably the best option for you. They accept both cash and cards.

FAQs on Walmart Key Copy

How much does it cost to make keys at Walmart?

How much does it cost to make keys at Walmart?

Firstly, the key duplicating cost is only charged for the cost of the key if the key was purchased from Walmart itself. In case the key was purchased from somewhere else, the price would be a bit higher.

The average price of a single key at Walmart comes out to be about $2. The keys generally fall in the $2 to $6 range. This means your key prices will never go beyond $6.

The final price that you pay will depend on many factors such as the number of copies you are making and the type of keys you are making.

What kind of keys does Walmart make?

Walmart makes the most general keys that we can find. This includes keys to the apartment, to your cupboard, or the bookshelf.

They can also do keys to the garage, kitchen module keys, and in general any other key that is not designed for high-security locks. It is super simple to get any of these duplicated at Walmart.

It is also important to realize which key types can not be done at Walmart. Walmart will not do any key that clearly says no duplicates on it. They will also not copy any high-security keys or keys that belong to bank lockers and such.

Interestingly, car keys can not be done at Walmart. However, if you have a vintage car with a key that does not have any electronic or chip system on it, then Walmart can easily do it. They can not do modern car keys due to ethical reasons.

Can you get a spare car key made at Walmart?

Duplicating car keys has always been a topic of hot debate among locksmiths. Whatever the general consensus might be though, Walmart currently does not do car keys.

But there are a few caveats. In case the car key you are trying to duplicate is an old or vintage car, without an electronic or chip system on the key, then Walmart can do it as easily as any other key.

On the other hand, if you are trying to copy or duplicate your work car or modern car, Walmart kiosks are programmed to not duplicate them due to ethical reasons.

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