Does Walmart Drug Test Employees?

Screening for substance abuse has become one of the requirements to pass before getting a job in many companies. Many people wonder if that is the case with Walmart. Does Walmart Drug Test Employees?

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world. Naturally, many people want to know Walmart employee drug testing is a real thing.

If you want to work at Walmart, you need to know about the Walmart THC drug test, how it is administered, and those who can expect to get tested. Read on to learn about Walmart’s policy on drug testing.

A Rundown On Walmart Drug Testing Policy

Does Walmart Drug Test Employees

Walmart employs over two million workers and operates over 11,000 stores. In all of its locations, Walmart has a Code of Conduct or a Global Statement of Ethics.

This code prohibits the possession, use, and solicitation of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. The aim is to ensure Walmart employees remain mentally and physically sound to make decisions and perform optimally while on the job.

This is understandable as many Walmart employees interact with customers regularly. They also handle merchandise, operate equipment, and make decisions. An alcohol and drug-free workplace reduces the possibility of accidents, mistakes, and conflicts.

Walmart sometimes carries out drug tests before you qualify for specific jobs in the Auto Center, pharmacy, TLE, and Deli. Furthermore, Walmart managers can carry out random and post-accident drug tests.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Walmart Use?

Walmart drug test uses a urine sample. This method is effective because it identifies the substance and its metabolites.

The laboratories where these tests are carried out have ways of detecting adulterated samples. This makes the results reliable.

How Does Walmart drug test Work?

The applicant or employee receives a cup. They have to deposit  45 milliliters of their urine into the cup. In most cases, someone will accompany you to ensure you don’t degrade the urine sample. You have to empty your pockets. You will also have to leave your jacket, bag, and hat behind.

The laboratory has standards that every urine sample must meet. If it suspects that the urine sample has been tampered with, it will give you a positive result for substance abuse.

What is the duration of a Walmart Drug Test Take?

You are usually given a 24-hour notification before you submit your urine sample. The collection of urine samples takes a few minutes at most.

Trained personnel will receive your urine sample and determine if it is sufficient. If it is, it will be labeled and stored. The sample will then be transported to the laboratory.

Once your sample has been accepted, you have to wait for about one to two days before getting the result.

In some cases, you may receive a written order for the drug test. You take the order to an accredited testing center. There, you will submit your urine sample.

Some centers will give you the results, while others will mail it to Walmart’s human resource department. You usually have about 24 hours to comply with the written order.

What Drugs Are Tested?

The drug test focuses on substance abuse. The tests usually focus on substances such as:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Cocaine

When Does Walmart Drug Test?

What Kind of Drug Test Does Walmart Use?

There are four instances when Walmart conducts drug tests. If you intend to work at Walmart, it pays to know these instances. Each instance will be discussed in detail.

  1. Drug testing during the interview

Does Walmart drug test for employment? Yes. Walmart often conducts screening for substance abuse during its interviews.

This is not a general rule. Some stores conduct drug screening for entry-level positions, while others reserve it for certain positions. The positions a store conducts drug tests for lie at the discretion of the management.

The first interview aims to select those qualified for the job. Thus, you may expect not to have a drug test on that day. Drug screening is usually done after the final interview or during the orientation program. This also applies to re-hires.

Note that there is no uniform rule to this. Some stores might conduct a drug screening after the first interview, significantly speeding up the recruitment process. Others might not conduct any screening at all.

Those who look forward to working at the pharmacy, Auto Center, firearms department, or the deli can expect to undergo a drug test at some point.

  1. Walmart Random Drug Test

All Walmart stores conduct random drug screenings. This is to ensure that the working environment is free from substance abuse. These tests happen unexpectedly and are at the store manager’s discretion.

In some stores, specific departments get tested more often than other departments. For instance, staff who handle machinery and those working in the pharmacy often get tested a lot.

Those who handle machinery are tested to ensure they are mentally fit to operate the equipment. Those who dispense drugs in the pharmacy are tested to ensure they are not abusing the drugs they can easily access.

  1. Testing based on suspicion

A store manager or supervisor can ask staff to undergo drug screening. This happens if the staff behaves as if they are under drugs or are abusing substances.

This is entirely legal and can happen anytime. As long as the supervisor or manager suspects the influence of drugs, they can order a drug test. You have to comply with the order. Failure to comply will often be deemed as confirmation of drug abuse. This can cost you your job.

This is in line with Walmart’s policy of keeping the workplace safe for every employee.

  1. Post-Accident Testing

Accidents happen in the workplace, and Walmart is no exception. Employees move goods all the time. Customers come and go. A lot of things can go wrong.

When an accident happens in Walmart, it is standard procedure to investigate the cause of the accident. This is usually don’t to improve safety policy.

If an employee was involved in the accident or discovered to have caused the accident, that employee has to undergo a drug screening. This ensures that substance abuse didn’t have a role in the accident and keeps the Walmart environment safe.

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What Happens If You Fail the Substance-of-Abuse Test?

Walmart has stringent policies on substance abuse. There are two ways to fail a drug test. The first is by having a positive result for substance abuse; the second fails to show up for the test. In both instances, the person in question has failed the test.

An applicant that fails the test won’t get hired. They are also blocked from applying for any Walmart job within one year or 12 months.

Current employees who fail the test will be fired. It doesn’t matter if the test was random, based on suspicion, or related to an accident.

In conclusion, Walmart is committed to ensuring its employees are free from substances that can:

  • influence their performance,
  • affect their interactions with customers and other co-workers, and
  • endanger the safety of the workplace.

If you want to work at Walmart and enjoy a long career, you must stay clean.

FAQ on Walmart employee drug testing

walmart employee drug testing

What drugs do Walmart drug test for?

Walmart drug screening tests lookout for Methamphetamine, Heroin, Marijuana, Phencyclidine (PCP), and Cocaine

Does Walmart drug test stockers?

Anyone who works at Walmart can get tested, including stockers. This can happen as a random test based on suspicion or related to an accident. Some stores might also require a test during the interview process.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Walmart Use?

Walmart uses the urine drug screening method. This is an effective way to detect substance abuse. It is also easy to detect if the sample has been altered. In this case, the result is considered positive.

How often does Walmart drug test?

The frequency of Walmart drug tests depends on the store. However, a drug test is sure to happen when an employee is involved in a workplace accident.

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