Does Walmart Accept Samsung Pay?

Walmart is a household name and a go-to retailer for many of us. The company’s mission is to provide safe, inexpensive food and appliances while utilizing new payment options. In this article, we will be tackling the question: Does Walmart accept Samsung Pay?

Does Walmart accept Samsung Pay

Mobile wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and other online payment services like PayPal have soared in use in recent times with simple features that make them easier to use at any time and from anywhere.

Today, Walmart has more than 10,500 stores and 2200000 employees in 24 countries. Walmart is known for its low prices and large stores. When you walk into a Walmart store, chances are you’ll find what you need at a good price. Until recently, they were also known for accepting a variety of contactless payment options.

Which leads to the question: Does Walmart take Samsung Pay?

Keep reading to find out.

With the increasing popularity of these modes of payment, one may question which is acceptable by Walmart. In this article, we’ll be answering all these questions.

Does Walmart take Samsung Pay, Samsung Pay at Walmart

No, Walmart does not take Samsung Pay. According to a Walmart executive, they have no plans to offer it again in Walmart stores in the future. That’s right, they used to take it until they decided to block Samsung Pay, deliberately.

Samsung Pay is an easy-to-use, contactless payment method that works with your Samsung smartphone. When stores accept it, you no longer have to carry your wallet or purse.

You can use it in person at stores, through apps, or on the web. It’s a secure, safe way to make your payments. Samsung Pay: A modern payment method for the modern world.

And while it’s a great method of payment, Walmart does not accept it.

Suppose you use Samsung Pay you might remember Walmart taking Samsung Pay in the past. Unfortunately, that time is past.

As Walmart upgraded their payment systems, more and more stores issued the dreaded ‘Walmart’ receipt which was a sure sign that Samsung Pay was no longer accepted at this store.

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FAQs on Does Walmart accept Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay At Wаlmаrt

Do you long for the days when Walmart accepted Samsung Pay and wonder why they don’t take it anymore?

The reason Walmart stopped taking Samsung Pay is simple: Walmart has its own version of Samsung Pay called Walmart Pay. They want you to use their Walmart Pay contactless payment method when you’re shopping at Walmart, not a competitor’s.

Samsung Pay is a smart move on Walmart’s part. More shoppers use both Walmart Pay and Walmart App than Samsung Pay now. This development has brought more growth to the company.

The average Walmart Pay shopper is exactly the shopper Walmart wants and needs in their stores. It is a win-win for Walmart.

Where is Samsung Pay accepted?

Samsung Pay makes paying for your purchases easier than ever, but knowing when it will work is handy in a pinch. There are plenty of places that work well with Samsung Pay, but it isn’t available everywhere.

We’ve got the details for you on where it works, and where it doesn’t

Samsung Pay will work at terminals that use NFC or MST – Magnetic Secure Transmission payments.

MST technology allows your phone to trick a terminal into thinking a card has been swiped by using a magnetic field.

Using this technology your phone is able to magnetically swipe at terminals as though it were a real card even if the terminal does not support tap and pay.

The big thing to remember is that Samsung Pay is only going to work in locations that have a magnetic stripe reader using MST or access to NFC contactless technology.

In some cases, you may still run into issues with companies updating their terminals for chip technology.

Did Walmart block Samsung Pay?

As for the question of whether Walmart blocked Samsung Pay or not, well the answer is yes.

Walmart blocked Samsung Pay and the reason is not far-fetched. The birth of the Walmart app brought about lockage.

Since Walmart has its own mobile payment system which is the Walmart app; it is only right for the company to block Samsung Pay for its own growth.

Do most stores accept Samsung Pay?

Using Samsung Pay in stores around San Francisco, it was found that it was accepted almost everywhere.

These included vendors using Square readers, NFC terminals in major chain retailers like Trader Joe’s and Walgreens; magnetic stripe readers in smaller stores. You may still need to sign a receipt for the transaction.

Samsung Pay also works on various public transit systems around the world, including MTA’s OMNY system in New York City and Portland’s TriMet.

You can also use Samsung Pay within certain Samsung Apps to make purchases without having to type in credit card details.

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How to use Samsung Pay at Walmart?

One thing I would suggest you know is that not all stores accept Samsung Pay. It is not what all the stores around accept.

For clarity purposes, there have been cases where it has been seen to be working on Walmart outlets. You already know what Samsung Pay is all about.

This application lets users make online and in-store purchases. This app lets you carry your credit, debit, or any other form of a financial card on your mobile device.

The good thing about carrying your financial card on your mobile phone is that you don’t have to physically take your card around wherever you want to go out or make purchases online.

Everything has been made easier in the world we live in. All you have to do is save the card(s) in the app via your smart device.

Most payment terminals accept near-field contact technology. But Samsung Pay accepts both the near field contact and the magnetic secure transmission technology, which other payment systems do not have.

This is what makes Samsung pay unique and different from others. To make payments on stores with Samsung Pay:

  • Open the Samsung Pay app on your phone
  • Select your preferred card
  • Tap on PIN or IRIS
  • Enter the required security information Or you can choose to use your fingerprint scanner if you have it set up on your device
  • Hold the back of your phone over the contactless reader and process your payment.


Walmart is a huge retailer that carries a diverse range of products for a diverse range of customers. It was accepting a variety of payment methods that made purchasing things very simple.

PayPal checks, the Walmart Card, the Walmart Pay app, and the American Express are just a few of the many credit cards, mobile wallets, and payment services accepted at Walmart.

However, if you do not have one of those cards, mobile apps, or payment services, there is no need to be concerned as Walmart also takes cash.

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