Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? Driven by a pandemic, Apple Pay has skyrocketed to become a very large player in the world of payment methods.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay

As a whole, mobile wallets such as Apple Pay have begun to reach similar playing fields to traditional payment methods such as cold hard cash. In fact, cash payments on a world scale have dropped by over 40% since Mid-2019.

Apple’s choice to create and develop what has become arguably the greatest mobile payment method that is available to consumers has certainly been an insightful decision.

With a large consumer shift that is straying from cash payments, especially in response to the pandemic, Apple Pay’s usage has grown exponentially.

Due to the pandemic and its global transformation of how societies function, Apple Pay has found itself at the frontier of innovation and a new age of how we pay for everyday items. One such place that many go to for such items is none other than Walmart.

With the relevant information provided about the popularity and wide adaptation of Apple Pay, you may assume that Walmart offers this payment method. In short, Walmart had NOT accepted Apple Pay.

Walmart is a massive company. This should be a surprise to nobody. Standing at a whopping 11,500 stores, it is clear that Walmart is one of the biggest companies, not just in the grocery industry, but all industries combined.

It comes as a shock, then, that Walmart does not accept Apple Pay for their in-store checkout lines.

Walmart does accept options like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express in our experiences, Apple Pay is widely available in other stores and is incredibly popular, which is why it is so surprising that an industry giant such as Walmart has not adapted and integrated the payment method.

In this article, we will make sense as to why Walmart does not accept Apple Pay, as well as discuss what other stores do accept Apple Pay and if Walmart will implement this payment method in the future.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay in 2022?

Walmart & Apple Pay: It seems almost ludicrous that Walmart does not accept such a payment method. We believe this can be explained due to something called Walmart Pay.

As the name suggests, this is Walmart’s own unique payment method and is certainly the reason that they do not accept Apple Pay.

It goes without saying, but in addition to not accepting Apple Pay, Walmart refused to integrate other payment methods as well, such as Google Wallet or Samsung Pay. It appears as if Walmart has gone “all-in”, so to speak, on its own payment method.

Walmart Pay is a payment method that is based on a QR code that is modeled and designed to—as you can probably guess—only be used at Walmart Stores.

While such a choice by Walmart may lead to success with their new payment method, it will certainly inconvenience the many Walmart shoppers who would prefer to use a wide array of other popular payment methods.

iPhones & Paying at Walmart

As we stated, Walmart’s only option for paying via a mobile payment platform is its own system called “Walmart Pay”.

Just because Walmart does not accept Apple Pay, does not mean you cannot use your iPhone to purchase your items at Walmart. In fact, Walmart Pay allows its users to use their iPhones.

How to use an iPhone with Walmart Pay?

The first step to using your iPhone at Walmart is to download their mobile app from the App Store. The app is called Walmart Pay. Simply download the app to get started. Your next step is to navigate to the app and open it, to which you will find the option for services.

You should then be prompted to “Set-Up” your Walmart Pay. Be sure to follow the close directions to the provided instructions that will appear on your screen.

You will have to register a credit or debit card to be ready to use Walmart Pay. Now, the next time you find yourself at Walmart, you can simply navigate into the app and use your iPhone to make the purchase.

After scanning your groceries and products, you will be promoted to use your phone to scan a QR code that will be found on a screen near the register. After scanning this QR code, you will be all set to use Walmart Pay.

Unfortunately, our research suggests that Walmart has absolutely no intentions of ever implementing any of the other payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Samsung Pay.

An Alternative to Apple Pay at Walmart

One thing we have not yet mentioned is that although Walmart will not have the ability to accept Apple Pay, they can accept an Apple Card. This is an important distinction, as your Apple Card will work at Walmart without any issues.

Where Apple Pay Is Accepted?

Are you one of those people that will actively avoid stores that do not accept their preferred payment method, such as Apple Pay?

You’re not alone! Wouldn’t it be nice to know in advance if a store accepts Apple Pay? You are in luck! Here is our quick guide for doing exactly this:

First, you’ll need to access either your iOS or your IPad device and locate the Apple Maps option. Here, you can simply search for the place you want to do your shopping at.

Your next step is to click on that location and read the relevant information that will appear on your screen. There, you should be able to find something that says “Useful to know”.

Here, it will be clearly listed whether or not the store or vendor accepts Apple Pay. That way you are not left guessing until you get to the store.

One of Walmart’s biggest rivals, Costco, does, in fact, accept Apple Pay. This is great news for the company that has recently been declared the world’s second-largest retailer.


In summary, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay, nor do they accept any other payment method other than traditional card payment options and their own unique system, Walmart Pay.

Will Walmart eventually give in and start accepting Apple Pay? While we do not have any definitive answers to this question, it would appear that no, Walmart has no plans of ever accepting the payment method in the future.

If Walmart does eventually change its stance, we will be sure to update this article with all the relevant information about the changes.

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