Does Walgreens Sell Flowers?

Does Walgreens sell flowers? Let us try to find out in this piece.

Introduction: Walgreens has grown so much since it first began as a drug store and prescription refill service. Today, when people think of Walgreens, they think not just of drugs and prescriptions, but also of groceries, items of daily use, and other things.

With over eight thousand locations across the country, Walgreens has made it really convenient to buy items of daily use. But what about festive items such as flowers? The demand for flowers rises on particular occasions such as Valentine and mothers day.

This is when people are rushing to stores to buy flowers and ribbons and gifts for their loved ones and parents.

Does Walgreens sell flowers in 2022?

Does Walgreens Sell Flowers?

The fortunate answer is yes! Walgreens sells different types of flowers. Flowers can be bought individually or in bunches. Moreover, Walgreens also sells bouquets. They also sell potted flowers.

So if it is valentine’s day or mother’s day, and you are looking to buy some flowers for your loved ones, just walk into your nearest Walgreens and buy your flowers.

Keep in mind though that Walgreens does not sell flowers all year round. They sell flowers whenever the demand is high in the market. This generally happens on special occasions such as valentine’s day or on mother’s day.

So, Walgreens is not the best place to buy flowers on the regular or all year round, because they simply do not stock flowers all months of the year. They do however stock them when the demand is high like on the special days we mentioned earlier.

Does Walgreens sell fresh flowers?

Yes. Because Walgreens only sells flowers for select days of the year when the demand is particularly high, they make sure to keep their flower qualities high. The flowers, including potted ones and the bouquets that you get at Walgreens, are fresh.

The stores make sure to remove the worn-out or the dried stock and get fresh flowers from their warehouses to serve the best and the freshest flowers to their customers.

You won’t find fake flowers at Walgreens because they only sell fresh flowers. This makes Walgreens a good place to get quality flowers.

Does Walgreens sell flowers year-round?

This is a common question in the minds of most people. One can certainly find flowers at Walgreens on certain days of the year such as valentine’s day or mother’s day. These are days when flower demands are particularly high.

But what if you were looking to buy flowers on a regular day, and a Walgreens was nearby? Do they sell flowers? The unfortunate answer is no, Walgreens does not sell flowers year-round.

It helps to understand that Walgreens is primarily a drug store and prescription refill chain. Sure, they have expanded out to many different niches and stock items of daily use including beauty products. But they are still not completely invested in all the different niches.

Therefore, while we can find flowers at Walgreens on a day of particularly high demand such as valentine’s day or mother’s day, they do not sell flowers year-round. But fret not, there are still plenty of other places that you go to buy flowers that stock them year-round.

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What are the different types of flowers sold at Walgreens?

What are the different types of flowers sold at Walgreens?

Walgreens keeps its flower selection very neat and limited. They provide fresh and bright-colored flowers, but at the cost of a limited palette. Here are the different flowers stocked by Walgreens:

  • Red roses
  • Tulips
  • Orchids

As is apparent, Walgreens doesn’t exactly have every flower under the earth’s blue heaven, but they still offer a pretty good combination.

Red roses cover a variety of needs and are particularly useful on valentine’s day. Tulips and Orchids are also available for your significant other. In the case of Mother’s day, tulips make the perfect gift.

Apart from the main flowers we mentioned above, Walgreens also sells certain other flower-related items. They have a variety of potted flowers, which are also only available on special occasions.

Moreover, they offer premium quality bouquets, which make for perfect gifts. Again, the main problem with Walgreens here is that they only sell these on certain occasions of the year and not year-round!

What is the price of flowers at Walgreens?

Before we get into prices, it is good to know that Walgreens sells its flowers by the dozens. Not surprisingly, their flower prices are also by the dozen. Here we mention the prices for the three main flower varieties sold at Walgreens.

Note that prices are subject to change, and the best would be to check in to an actual store or call your nearest Walgreens for exact pricing. Still, the info below should give you a good idea:

  • Red roses – $14.99 for a dozen
  • Tulips – $9.99 for a dozen (maybe sold for less sometimes)
  • Orchids – $9.99 for a dozen (maybe sold for less sometimes)

The pricing for the flowers can be considered competitive and isn’t too bad compared to other alternatives in the market.

When it comes to the potted flowers we mentioned earlier, they are sold in a variety of sizes, so we get a ballpark price range of $4.99 to $39.99. Again, please note that flower prices at Walgreens are subject to change due to seasonal availability, demand, and supply.

Does Walgreens home deliver flowers?

Does Walgreens home deliver flowers?

Getting flowers home-delivered helps save time on special days. It allows one to make time for other important preparations.

We now understand that Walgreens does sell flowers on special occasions such as valentine’s day or mother’s day, but do they also deliver flowers to your home?

Walgreens does not deliver flowers to your home BUT, they have a running partnership with DoorDash, on special days when they have flowers, DoorDash can deliver your flower purchases from Walgreen directly to your home.

Again, this only applies on days when Walgreens is selling flowers, on other days, no flower options will be available.


Primarily being a drug store, Walgreens still offers a decent selection of flowers on days when the demands are particularly high. They sell flowers by the dozen, in bouquets, or in potted form.

If you find yourself in need of some flowers for your loved ones on valentine’s day or mother’s day, you can probably find something at your nearest Walgreens. Do not forget that the flowers can also be home delivered through DoorDash.

Frequent Asked Questions

Does Walgreens have flowers right now?

The answer to that would really depend on if there is a special occasion on that day. For example, if it is valentine’s day or mother’s day, then we can confidently say that Walgreens will have flowers. On the other hand, if it is just a normal day, chances are that Walgreens will not have any kind of flowers.

For other days and for ones which you are unsure of, it is always best to just directly talk to customer care at Walgreens. Use the store locator and find the contact info for the nearest Walgreens. The store staff will be able to clarify if they are carrying flowers right now or not.

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