Does Target Sell Stamps?

Target is the eighth-largest retail store in the United States. They have over 1900 locations across the country. It is much easier to locate a nearby Target than it is to go to the nearest Post Office. Therefore, if you are looking to buy stamps, you might be wondering: Does Target Sell Stamps? Target has become synonymous with general shopping.

In this piece, we shall learn if Target sells stamps, how much they cost, and in what forms, shapes, and sizes can you buy them from Target. If that sounds like information you might be interested in, keep reading to find out.

Does Target sell postage stamps?

Does Target sell postage stamps?

The quick answer is yes, Target does sell postage stamps. In fact, most Target locations sport good collections of various national, international, and other classes of stamps.

Despite Target selling stamps, there are still some locations that do not sell stamps. Therefore, while we can say that Target does sell stamps, we have to also say that not all Target locations do.

Also, note that Target has an online marketplace at Buying stamps from the Target website is also not possible.

Target has a reward point system, where the customer gets certain reward points for each item purchased. The points keep collecting under their name and can later be redeemed in-store for useful items.

Note that stamp purchases do not reward you with any such points. So any dollars you spend on stamps at Target will not gain you the reward points that you might be expecting.

Target sells stamps in many forms. You can buy stamp rolls, coils, sheets, or in booklet forms. The prices of the stamps will depend on the type of stamp, the number of stamps, etc.

Buying stamps at Target

Buying stamps at Target is quick and easy. Most Target stores have stamps. Unlike many other places that sell stamps, Target does not have a dedicated section or area in the store for stamps. Instead, if you are looking for stamps, after you walk into the store, just ask a cash register associate to get you some.

They will be able to pull out exactly the type and quantity of stamps that you are looking for. In many Target stores, the norm is to not overload the cash registers with any type of extra work.

This is done to keep the customer queues short. If the cash register associate does not have the stamps, you might be redirected to the Customer Service Desk.

The Customer Service Desk is dedicated to various customer front services and also usually carries a stock of stamps. They will be happy to get you exactly the type and quantity of stamps you need.

Note that not all Target locations have postage stamps. So if you do not want to ride all the way to the store just to check for stamp availability, you can use the Target Online Store Locator. It is always better to confirm with the store if they have postage stamps or not.

What type of stamps can you buy at Target?

What type of stamps can you buy at Target?

When it comes to the different types of stamps sold by Target, they do carry a wide variety. We can find both national and international stamps at Target. Target also offers First Class and First Class Forever stamps.

These categories are maintained by the United States Post Office. Chances are, if you are looking for a specific stamp, you can find it at Target.

We found that a standard 1-ounce letter to be mailed anywhere in the United States requires at least one First Class stamp.

How much do stamps cost at Target?

Firstly, the pricing of stamps at Target is the same as at the United States Post Office. This means you have to pay the same prices as you would, had you purchased the postage stamps from the Post Office itself.

Note that Target also sells stamps in bigger bundles. Bigger bundles mean the stamps come in bulk and that means you can save money buying them. So technically when buying stamps from Target, you will actually pay less than at the Post Office if you end up buying one of their postage stamp bundles.

A single booklet of First Class United States Postage stamps costs $11. Note that this price does not include taxes. Taxes vary across the states.

Stamp rolls, coils, and sheets are all priced differently, depending on the design, the type of stamps, etc.

Target also keeps limited edition design stamps and simple stamps. In general, stamp purchases can cost you anywhere between $2 and $25, depending on the number and type of stamps you decide to purchase.

Overall, buying stamps at Target should be cheaper than buying at any other place, especially if you end up getting their booklets or bundles.

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Can you buy stamps from

Target has a popular online marketplace at In most cases, whatever you can buy at a Target store, you can also buy at the online marketplace. But what about stamps? Can you also buy stamps from

Unfortunately, Target does not sell stamps online. They do not even offer to order them and collect the stamps from the store through the website.

Note that you can still buy other shipping items and supplies from such as envelopes, labels, and files.

Does buying stamps earn you reward points at Target?

Target runs a reward point system. The scheme is known as Circle Reward Points. When you buy items or make purchases from Target, you get reward points back. The points are stored under your name and once you have enough points collected, they can be redeemed for purchases.

The question now is, do you earn reward points when buying stamps? The unfortunate answer is no. Target does not reward you with Circle reward points for postage stamp purchases. This means the $20 you spend on stamps, will not earn you any reward points back.

Target has another scheme, known as Target RedCard. Target RedCard holders also do not benefit from any extra for stamp purchases. However, if the stamps are a part of a bigger purchase, Target will recalculate and add a few points to your RedCard back.


Target is one of the most popular retail chains in the United States. When it comes to stocking stamps, most Target locations stock stamps. If you are unsure, the best is to contact the Target store and confirm. Target has a wider collection of stamps in terms of types and designs.

Most target stores have stamps near the checkout, all you have to do is ask the associate for as many as you want. Pricewise, Target sells stamps at the same price as the United States Post Office. However, if you end up buying their bundles, you will pay even less for the stamps.

FAQs on Does Target Sell Stamps?

Does Target Sell Stamps?

Can you buy a book of stamps at Target?

Yes, it is quick and easy to buy a book of stamps at Target. Assuming the Target location you are at has a stock of stamps, all you have to do is walk up to the cash register and ask the associate for a postage stamp booklet.

They may ask you about the class of stamps you are looking for. They will be happy to grab you a booklet super quick.

In case the cash register does not have the stamps, you might be redirected to the Customer Service Desk. Just ask for the same booklet at the Customer Service Desk, and they will be happy to get you.

Does CVS in Target sell stamps?

CVS runs its mini health centers in Target locations. According to the deal between Target and CVS, CVS will acquire the pharmacies being run at Target locations and rebrand them to CVS/pharmacy.

What this means is that CVS in Target only deals with medicines and prescriptions, and not other items. Therefore, CVS in Target does not sell stamps.

If you are in a Target store and looking for stamps, a better idea is to just ask the Target employees for stamps instead of looking for stamps at CVS in Target.

How do you buy stamps at Target?

Target does not have a dedicated section of stamps at its stores. This often confuses people. To buy stamps at Target, you need to go directly to the cash register. Once at the register, ask the associate for the stamps that you want. The associate will be happy to get you stamp booklets, rolls, or however you want your stamps.

In some cases, the checkout might not have stamps or might have run out of them. In such a case you will be told to go to the Customer Service Desk.

The staff will guide you to it. When at the customer service desk, just ask for the postage stamps in the same way and they shall be happy to get you the stamps you need.

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