Does Target Drug Test?

Drug testing is one of the significant processes practiced during hiring by most organizations. Does Target Drug Test?

Does Target Drug Test

There have been certain situations where drugs have increased the risks of accidents and injury in an organization. These injuries and accidents go on to affect Productivity.

Every employer desires to create a safe environment for their employees. To make this a safe environment, employers have realized the importance of a drug-free work environment.

Target Corporation is one of the organizations with the most prominent merchandise retailers in the United States of America.

Due to their reputation and services offered, Target works hard to provide superior services to everyone.

Like other organizations, Target has realized the need for a drug-free environment. Drug use in organizations can lead to various health complications, security issues, and the likes.

This is why any Target job offer comes along with a copy of the drug-free policy. Future employees must read and sign the drug-free approach to ensure a healthy work environment.

Employees to-be are also required to partake in a drug test which is necessary for the hiring process. If the test comes out negative, then the candidate is automatically hired.

On the other hand, if the test comes out positive, various possibilities may occur depending on the whole hiring process and the state in which the hiring process takes place.

Like we all there are a few states that allow the use of marijuana either for medical or recreational purposes.

Can You Still Get Hired If You Fail A Drug Test?

It all depends on if it was part of the requirement to get the job. If you fail a drug test part of the job requirement, your job offer will be withdrawn.

It could also depend on the various scenarios and the industry the organization you’re applying to get into.

Another critical factor is the state, as drug test laws vary from state to state. The state drug laws determine the next step in the hiring process.

Target as an organization requires a drug-free environment and maintains a strict drug-free work environment. So you failing their drug test indicates that you may not be perfect for the role about to be given to you.

How Does Target Drug Test?

Can You Still Get Hired If You Fail A Drug Test?

Once you agree to take the test, Target would need some documents from you to succeed. You are to bring the documents requested by Target along with a valid photo ID which would help confirm your identity at the test center.

So how does Target drug test?

Whenever a new employee joins the Target retail store, or some candidates apply to Target, Target takes various drug tests from a third-party company.

Target uses no official third-party company during the drug test. Target usually goes ahead to use whichever third-party company that is nearest to the Target store.

Once you’re invited to a Target job interview, one of the interview questions would be concerning your interest or willingness to take a drug test so you can join the Target family.

The drug test is required from everyone but most especially for those who will work with various machinery or vehicles.

To join the Target workforce, you are required to take a drug test. A third-party company carries out the drug test, and once you pass the drug test, Target will officially welcome you into its workplace.

Something to keep in mind is that Target requires that you take a drug test within 24 hours. So once you get a job offer from Target, you must take a drug test within 24 hours.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Target Do?

The kind of drug test Target does aims to identify if any of the candidates about to be hired has recently used any of the following drugs: synthetic drugs, heroin, marijuana, cocaine.

There are some states in which Marijuana use is legalized either for medical reasons or recreational use. In that kind of state, Target advises on what to do as a user.

Some Jobs That Don’t Require Drug Test

Some Jobs That Don't Require Drug Test

  • Chef

As a chef, preparing meals requires a lot of patience, hard work, skill, and creativity. Chefs are not required to take a drug test as very few restaurants can afford the extra expenses of drug testing.

  • Housekeeping

Housekeeping is another job that doesn’t require a drug test. This is because housekeepers work in a wide range of environments.

They spend so much time taking free of their environment with little or no supervision. They are rarely tested for drugs due to their already established work ethic.

  • Restaurant Manager

As a restaurant manager, there’s a job requirement to oversee the operations of food and beverages in the restaurant. Restaurant managers are also in charge of hospitality operations in a restaurant.

The restaurant already requires an organized budget that helps run the establishment leaving no room for drug testing.

  • Dog Walker

Dog walking job usually relies on the employee’s location, experience, and network. It’s one of those jobs where the employer is most likely close to their employee or knows someone close to them. Hence, this job does not require drug testing.

FAQs on Target Drug Testing & Policies

Target Drug Testing & Policies

Does Target Drug Test For Promotions?

Target doesn’t specifically require a drug test for a promotion. There are three situations in which the target might need a drug test from you.

  • Pre-Employment

The first situation in which Target requires a drug test is usually pre-employment. Drug testing is a condition of your job offer from Target, and you must pass this drug test to be hired.

This pre-employment drug test is not done for all Target prospective employees. Target drug testing is normally done for those who will operate machinery or are for candidates applying to senior roles such as Managerial roles.

  • After An Accident

The second situation whereby an employee is required to take a drug test is after an accident. If there is an incident at Target where an employee caused substantial damage to properties or required medical attention, the said employee might be asked to go through a drug testing process.

The drug testing process in this scenario serves to keep Target’s employees safe and ensure that such a substantial incident will not happen again.

  • Reasonable Cause

A drug test may also be performed if Target has reasonable cause to believe that usage, distribution of drugs is going on in the work environment.

Thus if any employee is suspected of using, distributing, or working under the influence of prohibited drugs, that employee may be brought in for drug testing.

N.B. Target is not allowed to select any of its employees at random to go through a drug test.

Instead, before any employee is subjected to drug testing, Target must have reasonable cause to believe that the employee is using, distributing, or working under the influence of prohibited drugs.

Some scenarios may cause Target to believe an employee needs to undergo drug testing. Some of such scenarios include accidents/incidents or displays of strange or unstable behavior at the workplace.

Another scenario is when an employee is witnessed using drugs in the workplace.

Does Target Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Target does not drug test seasonal employees unless Target finds reasonable cause for why they should be drug tested.

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