Does Lowes Price Match?

Lowe’s is one of the most important home improvement companies in the United States. Most people think of Lowe’s when they think of home improvement.

Sure there are other stores operating in the country as well, but none are as liked by the customers as Lowe’s. One of the main reasons for Lowes’ popularity is its price matching policy.

They claim to match prices of goods or items if one can show that a competitor is selling or listing the same exact item for a lesser amount. If you are thinking of visiting Lowe’s for some shopping, you might be wondering, Does Lowe’s price match? Let’s find out!

Does Lowes price match lower-priced items?

Does Lowes price match

Yes, Lowe’s does price match lower-priced items. Suppose you are at Lowe’s and find an item in their store which is priced higher than an identical item at another store.

What Lowe’s offers is that if you show them some kind of proof that a competitor is selling a similar item for less, Lowe’s will lower their own price to match the price of the competitor. This is done under Lowe’s price matching policy.

Note that Lowe’s does not match prices based on the spoken word. They require some kind of proof like a receipt or something that actually shows that the item is being sold for less.

The proof is then sent for validation by Lowe’s staff and once validated, you will be able to buy the item at the matched price which will be lower.

What is Lowe’s price match policy?

Pretty much all the price match promises by retail stores and shops come with some sort of caveats. We didn’t find any particular caveats in Lowe’s price match policy. However, they do have this slightly unusual way of identifying competitors.

You see, Lowe’s price match policy says that it will match prices with any competitors who might be selling the same item or good for a cheaper price.

However, where they play clever is they do not actually define who or what a competitor is in their documents or policy statement. Lowe’s also does not provide or publish a list of acceptable competitors.

Instead, their policy states that prices from any local or online retailers will be matched, upon validation of proof of price of course.

Now, for some, this might actually sound a bit liberal and better, but for the majority of people, they will be confused if the store at which they saw the lower-priced item is actually eligible or not.

To make it a bit easier, we compiled a list of ‘competitors’ that should help you get items price matched at Lowe’s:

  • Home Depot
  • Ace Hardware
  • Menards
  • Tractor Supply Co
  • Harbor Freight Tools
  • Northern Tool & Equipment
  • Walmart
  • Autozone

If you have seen a similar item lower priced at any of these places, Lowe’s should match the prices for you instantly. Additionally, as we mentioned earlier, Lowe’s also includes online retailers, such as Amazon.

Lowe’s price match procedure

Getting price matched is a quick and simple process at Lowe’s. The store chain tries its best to make sure that customers find it easy to get prices matched. Let us take a look at the procedure step by step:

  • You need to begin by visiting Lowe’s. Once at the store find an item that you would like to purchase.
  • The next step is to search for the same or an identical product being sold by a local store or competitor. You could try to find the identical product being sold by an online retailer such as Amazon.
  • Note that the items must be exactly identical, this means any model numbers, brands, or sizes must exactly be the same as the product at Lowe’s.
  • Once you have found the identical item with a lower listed price bring it to the notice of a store associate.
  • You could share with them the link if it is an online retailer. If it is a brick-and-mortar store, you could produce bills of purchase, local ads in the newspapers, photos of the item at the store, etc.
  • The associate might take some time to validate the proof.
  • Once validated, they will discount and price matches the item on the spot for you.

When does Lowe’s not price match?

In certain cases, Lowe’s does not price match. These are certain and very specific conditions. Lowe’s explains all the possible cases on their official price match page found here. Let us take a look at some of those cases where Lowe’s might not agree to price match.

  • Unverifiable prices / unvalidated proof of price: If you remember we mentioned validating the proof of price as a step in Lowe’s price match procedure. If for any reason, the price proof could not be confirmed, Lowe’s will refuse to price match it.
  • Out of Stock items: Let’s say you do find an identical item at a store with a lower price, however, currently the item is not in stock, Lowe’s will match the price for it. This is because Lowe’s requires the item to be currently in stock and being sold at the claimed price. Only then will they price match.
  • Bundled items/items in mystery boxes: Suppose you found the identical item as part of a bundle, maybe the bundle contains other products and that brings down the total price of the item lower than what is listed at Lowe’s, but that is not enough for Lowe’s to price match. In simple words, any kind of bundled items or boxes will not be price matched.
  • Clearance sales: While this one might feel a bit weird, it is in their policy. Lowe’s does not price match items being sold in a clearance sale or an off-season sale or any sale of that kind. So even if you managed to find an identical item at a lower price at a clearance sale, Lowe’s will unfortunately not price match it.
  • Used or refurbished goods: We have to keep in mind that Lowe’s is a first-hand store. They sell new or first-hand items. This means finding an identical item would also include finding a first-hand item listed at a lower price. If you happen to find a second-hand item or a refurbished item, that does not come under their price match policy. Thus, Lowe’s will not price match used or refurbished goods.


Lowe’s has become synonymous with home improvement. They attract a large number of customers because of their wide selection and a wide variety.

Another big reason for having a customer base is that Lowe’s pays extra care in staying the cheapest offering store possible. They make it possible with their price match policy.

Because of it, all items being sold at Lowe’s are priced the market lowest. Pretty much no other home improvement store has been able to achieve this.

If you had questions about Lowe’s price match, we hope some of your doubts were cleared. We discussed their price match policy, the different stores that they accept as ‘competitors’.

Then we also looked at the procedure for Lowe’s price match and how you can easily get your own price matched. Lastly, we discussed some cases in which Lowe’s will not price match at all.

FAQs on Lowes Price Match Policy

Does Lowes Canada price match?

Yes! Lowe’s Canada does price match. The price match policy page for Lowe’s Canada can be accessed here. Lowe’s Canada matches prices for local retailers as well as online retailers. They do mention that the competitor’s price must at least be $1 lower than Lowe’s Canada price.

If the price difference is less than $1, Lowe’s will not consider lowering the price, it is a part of their policy. All you need to do is show a store associate some kind of proof that an identical item is listed for less.

Does Lowes price match 11%?

The answer is Yes. Lowe’s does price match by up to 11%. The 11% figure became popular when another competing home improvement store Menards started offering 11% rebates.

Coming back to the question, all you need to do is show an ad or some other kind of proof that an identical item is being sold for less, and Lowe’s matches the price for it, even if it is 115 or more.

Does Lowes match Amazon pricing?

The fortunate answer is Yes! Lowe’s does match Amazon pricing. They mention it right on their official price match page, which can be found here. is listed on its official page.

If you happen to find an identical item listed on Amazon for a lower price, bring it to the notice of a Lowe’s associate and they will discount the item on the spot for you.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Plus 10 percent?

Yes! Lowe’s does price match an extra 10%. What this means is that after discounting the price of the item to match the competitor’s, they lower the price of the product by a further 10% as an additional discount.

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