Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay?

Kroger is one of the largest retail companies in America. The retail company is also known as Kroger Company and was founded in the early 1880s.

Since it was founded Kroger has had a lot of great history surrounding it and has grown to become the most visited store in the United States of America.

With over 3000 stores and many subsidiaries working under it, Kroger Company continues to provide a variety of goods to its consumers at really nice prices.

You can find a lot of amazing products at Kroger, their product list is quite large so you can be almost certain you’ll find your favorite item at Kroger’s section.

Once you’ve found your favorite item after shopping at Kroger there arises the issue of payment.

In recent times, a lot of retail stores have found contactless payment most profitable. Contactless payment methods are easy to process and help prevent long queues at retail stores.

One of the most famous contactless payments is Apple Pay. Apple Pay is an easy payment method that helps you process various payments easily.

This famous secure payment method is used by various stores which leads to the question;

Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay in 2022?

Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay

Kroger company was one of the early resistors of Apple Pay. However, they did try to test run Apple Pay but the test run wasn’t successful.

Here’s your answer

Kroger does not take Apple Pay.

While Apple pay is a great contactless payment method, it wasn’t compatible with Kroger Company’s system. That’s not all, during the test run of Apple Pay there was not much interest from customers that shop at Kroger.

This resulted in the company dropping Apple Pay. Kroger Company is therefore not one of the retailers that accept Apple Pay.

In place of Apple Pay, Kroger has its method of contactless payment which is called Kroger Pay. So if you are an iPhone user looking to shop at any Kroger outlet near you, you need Kroger Pay installed on your iPhone.

What Other Payment Method Does Kroger Accept?

Like other retail stores in the country, Kroger Company accepts credits and debits cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

You can also use cash and personal checks to shop at Kroger Company.

Since Kroger Apple Pay was not a success other payment methods such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other various contactless payment methods are not currently being used in Kroger outlets.

You can make use of any of the payment options mentioned above that Kroger accepts. Or if you strictly want to make payments with your phone then you’re going to have to install Kroger Pay.

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FAQs on Kroger Apple Pay

Kroger Apple Pay

Can you pay with your phone at Kroger?

Yes, you can pay with your phone at Kroger.

While Kroger does not accept contactless payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and the like. Kroger has a digital wallet that allows you to make payments with your phone.

This digital wallet is called Kroger Pay. Kroger Pay is a convenient method of payment created by Kroger Company.

How does Kroger Pay work?

To begin using Kroger Pay, customers of Kroger Company are required to create an account with the Kroger website.

Creating your account on the website is the first step, the next step involves you downloading Kroger Pay on your phone. Kroger Pay is available for both iPhones and Android phones.

Next, you need to set up your account. Your Kroger Pay account can only be signed into using the information you used to sign up on the website.

Like other wallets, Kroger Pay requires the use of a PIN or biometric security to authenticate yourself. This helps with security on your wallet and prevents just anyone from accessing your account.

After securing your account through the use of a PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint, the next step is to set up your shopping list. Your shopping list has to be set to the Kroger store you usually frequent.

This store is recognized by Kroger Company as your home store. You can always change your home store on the Kroger App.

To find your home store you would need to navigate through the App. Although there exists this small possibility that Kroger pay isn’t available at your home store.

This usually occurs if you live in small towns. But if your home store accepts Kroger Pay you’ll discover it while navigating through the App.

After setting up your account, the next process is entering your various preferred payment methods.

Kroger Pay App allows you to attach various cards, banks, and also loyalty reward cards.

At the digital wallet portion of your account, you will find all your payment methods on a list. Once you’ve gone through this list, you can select your most preferred payment method as your default payment method.

This is subject to change at any time. Your default payment method is the account that will be debited whenever you check out your goods.

Once you’ve set everything up, your digital wallet is ready and you don’t have to go to the store with your physical wallet.

All you need to do next is head to the Kroger store you chose on the App. Pick up the various items you want to purchase and when you’re ready to check out head to a self-checkout lane or a cashier.

Scan the generated QR code on the app first after this is successful you may then proceed with scanning your items.

To scan the generated QR code, hold your screen over the item scanner or you can give a cashier to help you out.

After successfully scanning your items, you may add any coupons you have.

It is important to review your items on the App before you pay for them.

How do I use the Apple wallet at Kroger?

You can not use Apple Wallet at Kroger. It is not possible since Kroger does not accept Apple Pay as a means of payment.

What you can do is download Kroger Pay and make use of the App while shopping at Kroger. Kroger Pay is a bit similar to Apple Pay and is also a contactless payment method if that’s what you’re searching for.

Kroger Pay is also easy to use and has various security checks to keep your account safe.

Why does Kroger not take Apple Pay?

Kroger Company hasn’t officially given a reason as to why they do not take Apple Pay.

Yet, the existence of Kroger Pay itself is enough reason as to why Kroger Company doesn’t accept Apple Pay.

Kroger Company did however try out Apple Pay. They carried out a trial that wasn’t successful resulting in Kroger Pay which is Kroger Company’s official digital payment method.


Kroger Company is one of the largest retail companies in America.

With the surge in the use of digital payment, Kroger has provided its customers with Kroger Pay. Kroger Pay is a safe and secure contactless payment method.

The existence of Kroger Pay is the major reason why Kroger does not take Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.

So if you’re looking to use your phone to make purchases at Kroger, you need to have an account with Kroger Pay. Kroger Pay App also needs to be installed on your phone.

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