Does CVS Sell Alcohol?

Does CVS Sell Alcohol, Beer, Spirits, Wine, Liquor, etc? Let’s find out!


CVS started out as Consumer Value Store in 1963. The popular pharmacy chain now holds over 9,900 locations all over the United States. The first CVS did not even have a pharmacy.

Today, the company sits at number 4 on the Fortune 500 list. CVS stores sell a variety of items, ranging from prescription drugs to magazines and snacks.

Given the huge number of locations, it’s super easy to walk into a CVS, get your meds, buy items of daily use, and check out.

They are easily accessible, and stock a variety of items. But what about alcoholic drinks and liquor? Does CVS sell alcohol? Well, we’re about to find out!

Does CVS pharmacy sell alcohol in 2022?

Does CVS Sell Alcohol

Yes, CVS stores do sell alcoholic products such as beer, wine, rum, vodka, and other spirits. Here is a general list of alcoholic beverages that you can expect to find at a CVS store:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Rum
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Tequila
  • Whiskey
  • Champagne

Please note that while CVS does stock the above-mentioned items as a general rule, not all of them might be available at all times.

It is best to call CVS or drive to your nearest location and check availability for specific spirits that you are looking for. Use the official store locator to find the nearest CVS or try their customer service number from their help page.

Also note that while CVS stocks alcoholic beverages and liquor, you need to be of legal age to make the purchase. The legal age depends on which state you are in.

Generally, the legal age is 21 in most states with Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands being the exceptions with 18 as the minimum legal drinking age.

It is always best to check the local laws for your state for the exact number. Make sure to carry some form of valid ID when you’re out making alcoholic purchases at CVS.

Does CVS sell wine?

As mentioned earlier, CVS stores carry wine. The stores generally have a dedicated area where you can find all the different varieties of alcoholic beverages that CVS has, including wines.

CVS stores generally many different varieties of wine from many different brands such as Chardonnay, Merlot, and Moscato among others.

Important: Keep in mind that while CVS stores carry alcoholic drinks and liquors, most stores still have to abide by the local and state laws too.

If a particular region prohibits selling wine, then CVS stores in that locality won’t have it. It is best to check with your local CVS if they have what you’re looking for.

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Do all CVS locations sell alcohol?

Do all CVS locations sell alcohol?

While CVS itself is not against selling liquor or alcoholic beverages at its stores, it does have to abide by the laws. Selling liquor requires a license in the United States and the grants provided on the license might be different in different states.

It, therefore, depends on the location of the store. If the store is located in a state where liquor must be sold in specialized premises, the chances of the store carrying all the above-mentioned items go down.

On the other hand, if the store happens to be located in a state where the local laws are a bit more relaxed and non-specialized premises are allowed to carry wine, you can expect to find it in the CVS store.

Summing it up, we can say that availability of specific types of alcoholic beverages and liquor at your local CVS really depends on the laws in your area.

The laws vary quite a bit throughout the states. This handy website provides a clickable map. You can click on your state and easily find out the following information:

  • Closing time for bars in the state
  • What kind of stores you can buy beer from
  • What kind of stores you can buy wine from
  • What kind of stores you can buy liquor from
  • If there are any restrictions on Sundays

On top of the above info, legal sale hours are also mentioned.

In case you’re not too keen on getting into the nitty-gritty yourself, the easiest solution would be to contact CVS themselves and check if your nearest store carries what you are looking for. Use the help page to find the latest updated contact info.

Are there restrictions on Sundays?

States typically put some restrictions on the sale of liquor and other items. So again, it comes down to the state-specific laws applicable to the particular CVS store.

Therefore, stores located in states that do not prohibit liquor sales on Sundays will sell it. If, on the other hand, the state does put restrictions, you can expect CVS to duly follow them.

You can easily use this website that we also mentioned earlier to check state-specific Sunday restrictions.

Keep in mind that even states that allow the sale of liquor on Sundays, might restrict the sale hours. Again the same website mentioned above can be used to check any timing restrictions on Sundays.

It is important to know that sale of certain items and products on Sundays is regulated by a specific set of laws known as Blue Laws. Let us learn more about them.

Blue Laws

Blue Laws are followed by certain states in the United States. They are a series of laws designed to restrict and regulate the sale of certain goods and services on Sundays. Blue Laws commonly try to control alcohol sales.

The laws are designed to designate Sunday as a day of religious worship or as a day of rest. If you would like to learn more about Blue Laws or check if Blue Laws are applicable in your state, this website provides a clickable map of the United States for ease.


If planning a party or get-together, and wondering if you could rely on the nearest CVS for your alcohol needs, the answer is most probably yes.

CVS does like to sell liquor, they stock a wide variety and offer all kinds of sales ranging from festive to seasonal ones.

There are a few rules and regulations to look out for however, once you’re through with them, you’re ready for your next liquor purchase at CVS.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of alcohol does CVS have?

CVS stores generally carry many different types of alcohol including vodka, gin, rum, and bourbon. Wines and champagne may also be available if permissible by the local laws.

Do they sell vodka at CVS?

Yes, they do sell vodka at CVS. If you’re looking to buy vodka from CVS you can expect to find something of your taste since they stock multiple different brands.

How many CVS stores sell alcohol?

Pretty much every CVS store, provided they have the logistical space for it, sells at least some kind of alcoholic beverage. Wine and liquor, however, are different cases, they are restricted by different federal and state laws.

Does CVS have champagne?

Provided the CVS store has a license for selling liquor, you can expect to find champagne at CVS. Technically speaking, champagne is a type of sparkling wine, so having a wine grant on the license is necessary for the store to sell champagne.

Does CVS sell alcohol in Virginia?

Yes! You can easily find both wine and beer at CVS in the state of Virginia.

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