Does Costco Sell Ice?

Big Question; Does Costco Sell Ice? Costco is a big-box type retail store. The store chain was first started in 1976. It has maintained its presence ever since. If you are a Costco member, it is the best option for buying items in bulk.

Costco is the number one choice of beef, chicken, and other organic food items. It is a hugely popular store chain in Canada and the United States.

If you are looking to hoard organic kitchen products, Costco is the best place to buy them in bulk. Ice is also a commonly needed item. Maybe you’re throwing a party or planning a weekend BBQ. Would you find ice at Costco? Keep reading to learn all about ice bags at Costco.

Can you buy ice at Costco?

Can you buy ice at Costco?

The short answer to the question is yes. As of the time of writing, Costco stores do offer ice bags. However, the situation is a bit more complex than that.

This is because not all Costco stores sell ice. The next logical question would be, does your nearest Costco sell ice? The answer again is not that straightforward. It depends.

It depends greatly on the location of a Costco store if it sells ice or not. Stores that are in areas where customers often demand ice bags or stores found in industrial areas where large quantities of ice consumers are there will keep stocks of ice.

On the other hand, if you happen to live in an area where ice is not such a popularly demanded item, chances are that the Costco store will not have it.

We can conclude that:

#1. Costco does sell ice. They are not against selling ice or anything like that. However, not all stores stock ice. So it is not a guarantee that your nearest Costco will have ice for certain.

#2. The availability of ice at a particular Costco store will depend upon the general demand for ice in that particular region. Like we discussed before if customers demand it often, the store will keep it in stock.

Whereas if the demand is quite low, you might not be able to buy ice from your nearest Costco. The best thing would just be to check once, in person, if your nearest Costco sells ice or not.

Can you buy ice from Costco online?

As of the time of writing, Costco does not sell ice online. This is unfortunate, and the company has been criticized by the consumers for this multiple times in the past.

Still, we have no official confirmation from Costco if they plan on selling ice online in the near future.

How much do bags of ice cost?

Being a wholesale model store, most items at Costco are relatively cheaper than the competition. The same goes for ice.

When we compare ice bag prices from Costco to other places that you can buy ice from in the United States, it becomes clear that Costco does come out on top as a cheap seller of ice. Of course, this is after you’ve checked that your nearest Costco store stocks ice.

If you have to buy a lot of ice or regularly are in need of ice, having a Costco membership is totally worth it because the ice costs at Costco are comparatively cheaper.

When it comes to the actual price of a bag of ice, we have to be careful. This is because different stores sell ice at different prices.

This is a common feature of Costco stores. Not all stores will have the same price for the same item. The prices are influenced by a number of factors including the local supply and demand.

For an idea, 20 lbs. bags of ice at Costco generally cost between $2 to $5. Like we mentioned before, this is not the exact price and it could be a bit extra or less. If you decide to buy ice from your nearest Costco, membership is totally worth it.

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How to find ice at Costco

So you are looking to buy bags of Ice at Costco. You’re already at the store, now what? When most people think about it, the most commonplace that they decide to look for ice is the frozen section!

But it only makes sense right? After all, Costco has a dedicated section for frozen items, and ice is frozen. You might be surprised to learn that Costco in fact does not keep ice over at the frozen section. They also do not have a separate aisle for ice.

Well, where could you find the ice then? Generally, Costco stores keep their ice stock towards the front of the store. This is obviously separated from the rest of the store items.

When you’re shopping at Costco, the easiest way to buy ice would be to let the cashier know. Like we mentioned before, ice stocks are kept at the front of the store and it is super simple to buy them.

Just let the cashier know how many bags you need, they’ll check their stocks and add the bags to your bill. Then you just have to pick the bags on your way out.

The store has been criticized for keeping ice separate from other items like this, but it is what it is. At least, the process of buying ice at Costco is as simple as letting the cashier know how many bags you want, paying for them, and grabbing them on your way out.

Does Costco sell dry ice?

Does Costco sell dry ice?

Unlike normal ice or just ‘ice’ which is frozen water, dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. Dry ice does not find any use in regular household activities.

This becomes important as it influences its general availability. Dry ice is generally used for scientific or industrial purposes. Regardless of why you need it, does Costco sell dry ice?

The case is similar to that of normal ice. We know that while Costco does sell ice, not all Costco stores do. The same goes when it comes to dry ice. Costco does sell dry ice, but it is not a guarantee that your nearest Costco has it.

Availability of dry ice at a particular Costco store depends on the local demand and supply. Forces of demand and supply dictate the availability of dry ice at any particular Costco store. The chances of a Costco store stocking dry ice are higher if:

#a. The store is in or near an industrial area which has a lot of dry ice buyers. Basically means there is a high demand for dry ice in that area.

#b. The store is closer to a dry ice manufacturing plant or factory. Basically means that the supply of dry ice in that region is high and thus it will be easily available.

Chances of a Costco store stocking ice go down if:

#1. The store does not see frequent customers who buy ice. This could be the case because the store is not located in an industrial area.

#2. The supply chains of dry ice are problematic. This means it could be difficult for the dry ice to be supplied to that particular Costco store.

Like we discussed above, Costco does sell dry ice. But its availability at a particular store is not always guaranteed. The best thing to do is always to check personally if your nearest Costco sells dry ice or not.

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Coming back to the main question, does Costco sell ice? As we discussed, for many Costco stores, ice is the most sold item there.

It basically depends on your location. Some areas see no demand for ice so the stores do not keep any.

Other areas might see huge demands and the stores there will therefore stock a lot of it. The easiest thing is to ring Costco and enquire if the nearest store stocks any.

FAQs on Does Costco Sell Ice

Does Costco Sell Ice

Where is ice at Costco?

We have to understand that ice is a relatively less demanded product at most Costco stores. Most people tend to have refrigerators with ice makers. This is why the demand for ice at stores such as Costco has gone down.

Coming back to the question, finding ice at a Costco can be a bit tricky.

The majority of Costco stores keep their ice stocks at the storefront, so you just have to ask the cashier who’s doing your bill to get you bags of ice.

Just let the cashier know how many bags you need and they will get them to you.

How much is a bag of ice?

The price of ice bags at Costco varies depending on the location. This is due to demand and supply. Some places see a higher supply of ice so the bags will be cheaper, whereas other places might not be so cheap.

With that said, if you regularly shop at Costco and are already a member, you are aware that Costco products are relatively cheaper than the competition. The savings are huge.

For a ballpark price range, $2 to $5 is a good estimate. As we mentioned earlier, the exact prices vary depending on multiple factors including, but not limited to demand, supply and location.

How many pounds of ice are in a bag?

Costco stores that are present in high traffic areas, or ones that are present in locations with a lot of vacation spots will sell ice on the regular.

Costco stores sell 20 lbs. bags of ice. This is the weight of the ice itself and not the packaging or the boxing.

Does my local Costco sell ice?

As mentioned before, not all Costco stores sell ice. Ice selling Costco stores is not that rare, however. We also learnt that it is not possible to buy ice from Costco online.

A good way to confirm whether your nearest Costco store sells ice is to get in touch with them. Going in person is obviously possible but Costco has simplified the process too. One can easily ring the store.

You do not need to know the contact of the nearest store for this. Costco has a single number for customers to connect to. The system will guide you and connect you to your nearest Costco store.

For the United States, the telephone number would be; 1-800-774-2678. They will put you through to the nearest Costco store.

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