Does Costco Develop Film & Print Photos?

Since Costco is known for its huge discounts, you might be wondering Does Costco Develop Film? And if so, what exciting discounts can you avail of the next time you get a new album or art book printed at Costco.

In this piece, we try to answer all those questions and investigate the current state of photo and film services at Costco.

Costco is known for its big discounts and bulk purchases. Costco members really seem to enjoy the discounts. Today, Costco has more than 800 stores across the United States which makes traveling to your nearest Costco much easier and more convenient than ever before.

Does Costco Develop Film & Print Photos in 2022?

Does Costco develop film

The short and unfortunate answer to the question is no. Costco does not develop film rolls. This means if you have a negative or a film roll which you wished to get developed, it would not be possible to get it developed at Costco.

What other specifics does Costco not develop?

Originally, Costco did develop films but stopped the service. While we will get into details on why Costco stopped developing films, here is a full list of the different types of films the developments for which were stopped permanently:

  • Film rolls
  • 35mm films (or any other sizes)
  • Film canisters
  • Camera rolls
  • Disposable camera

In general, anything that was related to films, negatives, or developing was stopped.

Does Costco print photos?

For this one, the answer is yes. Costco offers photo printing services. In fact, they offer photo printing in many different sizes and in many different prints. There is a caveat, however.

While Costco does offer photo printing services, it is a service limited to their website. This means you can not walk into a Costco and get your pictures printed.

You will instead have to visit their website, upload the photos there from your computer, camera, or social media and that is when you can get the photos printed.

The Costco Photo Center page can be accessed here. You can get prints, enlargements, and even posters. In case you were thinking of collages, they have those as well.

How much does it cost to print photos at Costco?

How much does it cost to print photos at Costco?

Costco offers highly competitive pricing for its prints. Their smallest print is 4×6 which costs $0.11. Collage prints start at $1.79. Here is a full rundown of the other types of costs:

  • Poster prints: $6.99
  • Photo books: $19.99
  • Canvas prints: $28.99
  • Metal prints: $33.99
  • Acrylic prints: $43.99

Disposable Camera developing Costco

Disposable cameras are often used by people because of their extra small size and relatively good shutter speeds. These cameras generally use a 35mm film roll that holds the negative of the photos taken.

Before February 2021, Costco offered film developing services including 35mm films. This meant that you could get your disposable camera pictures developed there easily.

However, the company stopped all of its photo and film developing services post-February 2021. Since then, one cannot just walk into Costco and ask for their films to be developed.

They terminated the service completely, alternatives like Walmart and Walgreens still offer similar services though.

Why did Costco stop developing films?

Costco management had been in the thinking phase of closing film developing services for a long time. They finally announced it in February of 2021. By the end of February 2021, all Costco locations had stopped developing films and photos be it 35mm or any other kind.

Costco sent out emails to all existing members about the termination of service. The company cited a constant decline in demand for the service as the main reason for stopping the service.

In the age of digital phones and digital cameras, most people like to store their photos digitally and view them on their phones. This led to a constant decline in the demand for film-developing services.

Nonetheless, if you are still looking for film and photo developing services, many popular places still offer them. Walmart and Walgreens are two popular examples.

The stores offer film development services very similar to what Costco offered. Make sure to check them out, you are most likely going to find something that you like over at one of these places.


Coming back to the titular question, does Costco develop film? As we mentioned before, the unfortunate answer is no. Costco does not develop pictures and films anymore.

This was considered a painful move by many because Costco was known for its high-quality pictures and film development before the termination of its services.

One can still get their digital photos printed at Costco Photo Center. They also offer enlargements and bigger posters. If you are into collage making, they also offer photo collages of up to thirty collages.

If you are still in need of film development, there are many good places that still offer very similar services such as Walmart.

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FAQs on Costco Film Developing

Costco Film Developing

Does Costco do film developing?

Unfortunately, Costco does not do film developing anymore. Costco does not develop films, 35mm films, camera rolls, roll canisters, or disposable cameras.

In a much unwelcome move in February 2021, the company announced that it was terminating all of its film developing and photo developing services.

Customers would not be able to walk into Costco and get their films and photos developed like before. Costco still has a dedicated Photo Center where they offer printing services for photos and collages including posters and enlargements.

Does Costco Photo Center Develop film?

Costco Photo Center is a section of Costco that is dedicated to offering print services. Because of its name, people often confuse it with a photo or film development business. Unfortunately, it is not. No, Costco Photo Center does not develop film.

The photo center offers photo printing services such that you could upload digital photos to their website and get prints delivered to you, but they do not develop photos or films such as 35mm films. Costco stopped their in-store film and photo developing services in early 2021 citing a decline in demand as the reason.

Does Costco still develop pictures?

Costco does not develop pictures as of February 2021. In a much unwelcome announcement, the company said that they were terminating their photo and film developing services effective immediately.

Soon, all Costco locations stopped accepting and developing films and camera rolls including 35mm films. The company also sent out mass emails to all its existing members informing them about the stopping of the services.

The company cited a decline in the demand for developing films and pictures as the reason for ending the services permanently.

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