Does CVS Do Cash Back?

When you use a debit card in a store, more likely than not, there will be an option to get cash back from the cashier at the same time. Depending on the store you can get $10 minimum, and possibly up to $50 maximum. It isn’t a bank, but it’s easy if you need quick cash to get coins at the laundry mat or just a little bit of gas in your car. We’re going to talk about CVS specifically and their cash back policy.

If you are anywhere on the East Coast, you’ll probably see a CVS. There are many in places like Massachusetts. They’ve become very mainstream at this point. CVS is similar to Walgreens. They have pharmacies in them usually, and everything else under the sun nowadays.

It can be a little more expensive compared to places like Walmart, and Target. But they are a convenient place to go, as they’re right in even small towns; perfect to pop in, get what you need, and pop out.

Does CVS Do Cash Back?

Does CVS Do Cash Back

CVS, like many other stores, offers cash back with any transaction made with a debit card. The CVS cash back limit is $35, and usually, cashback is set at intervals of 5. But CVS allows customers to get cashback in any denominations requested, so long as they are under the $35 limit.

What is good about CVS, it is entirely free of cost and does not require a minimum amount of purchase to be made in order to request cash back. Some people will get a candy bar or a pack of gum, and you can get your cash back from CVS! Easy.

As said above, you can only get cash back at CVS with a debit card, not a credit card or check, which makes sense. When you use a debit card, you’re dipping into the money in your checking account, so the cash that you’re getting back is also coming from there.

If there’s no money in an account, there’s not going to be any cash for you to withdraw. What is good about this though, is there are no fees like with other places you can get cash back at, so at CVS, you get back the exact amount you want. So, if you are planning to buy anything in CVS, and you need some quick cash, this cashback feature is a great option.

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When at a CVS, getting cashback is very easy. And even if you don’t find it easy, there is always a helpful cashier there to help you. When you’re using the pin pad to pay for your purchase(s), right there on the screen, you will see the “cash back” prompt.

All you have to do is select it, pick your amount, and the cashier will give your cash. The amount of cash back you pick will be added to the total of your other purchase(s), and you will be charged immediately. After you get your purchase(s), and cash, then you’re all done! Easy, right?

What’s also good about this process is there is no minimum limit of purchase for you to get cash back. You can request cash back at any time, something as low as $0.01. Not like there’s anything you can buy for one cent anymore, but you could! But it’s more likely you can buy a chocolate bar for a dollar something, that’ll do it.

If you’re already at CVS and have to pick up some things, you’re all set to get cash back, therefore, saving gas and ATM fees. Most ATM fees are around $3-$5. No fees at CVS! Also, ATMs only allow you to take money out $20+.

cvs pharmacy cashback policy

CVS does allow you to pay for items through several modes, including gift cards, cash, credit card, checks, and Apple pay. But the only way you can also get cash back is when you use a debit card to purchase.

Another exception you may not know is you can use the “Discover Card”, which allows its customers to get cash back with the “cash back feature”. Unfortunately, if you use any “contactless payment”, like Apple Pay or Paypal, you cannot get cash back. Just a debit card.

Apple Pay users can use the “Discover cash back debit card”, though, by adding their card to their Apple Pay. A simple google search can help you with that, and then you will receive a 1% cash back on each transaction made.

But also, CVS lets customers redeem $10 cash back on their first in-store purchase of $20, or more, using PayPal or Venmo QR.

Many stores nowadays provide this service, so you can skip the bank altogether. These places will give you the quick cash you might need, although, if you’re needing higher bills, you may need to hit the ATM also.

But other than CVS, here are other stores that offer cash back services: Dollar General, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Safeway, and even the U.S post office. So, you have many options for getting cash back day-to-day.

It’s important to say that in today’s economy, cash is becoming more irrelevant, with debit cards, credit cards, and online payment services like PayPal. But cash is still needed for things like a laundry mat, where you need dollar bills to get quarters for the machines.

Or if you need gas, but only $20 worth. Or even if you’re the “tooth fairy”, she’s not going to give a child a debit card for a lost tooth.

In today’s world, convenience is a keyword in a busy economy. Most modern consumers are time-strapped by demanding work schedules, tight deadlines, and/or family needs. Like never before, people want to save time.

Even if it’s just grabbing some cash at a store you’re already at, instead of down the road at an ATM. It’s easier to save time by knocking off a few tasks on your to-do list in a single errand.

Thus, getting CVS $5 cashback, or more, when getting your prescription(s) is a great way to sidestep all these hassles, and cut an otherwise mandatory trip to the ATM.

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