Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Let’s talk about: Costco Return Policy without a Receipt.

Costco is a store where you can buy many things in bulk. There are other stores that are similar to Costco also becoming popular.

Usually, you need a membership card to shop there, but if you do, you can find your favorite things in bulk, and for a good deal, if you know what you’re doing. In turn, you can save money in the long run. You have things in bulk, you don’t go to stores as often, and there you go!

A big thing to note at any store you go to is its return policy. Some people may not return things simply because it’s an inconvenience, and/or they don’t keep receipts around. Usually, at stores, it’s hard to return things without a receipt, which has the proof of purchase on it.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

But, when it comes to Costco, do not fear! It’s not required to have your receipt when you need to return something. Here is the “Costco Return Policy Without Receipt 2022”: “Costco will accept returns without a receipt in 2022 thanks to their risk-free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Since all purchases made at Costco are done with a membership card, Costco can easily look back at past purchases on their database, so no receipt is necessary.”

If only other stores would have membership cards so they can make returns easier!

As stated above, it sure makes things easier, not having to remember to save all of your receipts or just a few of them. Usually, they are just thrown away and wasted.

And what if you want to take it, and/or save paper? There’s no proof of purchase at most stores otherwise. Places like Costco and Sam’s Club are different.

When returning something at Costco, it’s recommended, and not essential, to bring everything that originally came with your purchase. This means the product, but all accessories, packaging, boxes, and manuals, etc.

You do need your membership card for sure in order to make the return. Most people tend to keep them in a wallet or purse, just like with any other card you use normally.

So long as a Costco team has your card, they can look up all of your past purchases to prove that what you are returning came from Costco. Other retailers don’t do this, but Costco members love it.

Because there’s this huge advantage to having a membership when it comes to returns. All of your past purchases are in the Costco database, so your membership card itself is a receipt, saving time and paper.

Once the proof of purchase(s) is achieved, the Costco team member will initiate the return(s), and you will be refunded the amount to the card you used in the original purchase(s).

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Products You Cannot Return to Costco after 90 Days (With or Without Receipts)

Products You Cannot Return to Costco after 90 Days

Almost every product that Costco sells comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. But there are certain categories of items that don’t fall into this (mainly electronics).

With or without a receipt, there are products you cannot return to Costco after 90 days: TVs, projectors, major appliances (freezers, microwaves, cooktops, dishwashers, ranges, dryers, water heaters, etc.), computers, tablets, smartwatches, cameras, drones, camcorders, MP3 players, and smartphones. So, keep this in mind when purchasing any electronics from Costco.

This 90-day return policy came to be because of some abuse from Costco shoppers in recent years. They have shortened their return window to 90 days. You have 90 days from the date of purchase to return electronics.

This policy is still fairly liberal, but it saves Costco a lot of headaches. It simply keeps Costco members from bringing back 5-year-old TVs that now aren’t working as well, for example, (and the like).

If you need to return a gift that someone got you from Costco, that return can go easily as well. Costco accepts gift returns from non-members, but you do need to have the membership number of the person who made the purchase.

No receipt is necessary! Most gifts can be returned at any time, and are usually refunded onto a Costco cash card, which both non-members and members can use.

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Items That Can’t Be Return to Costco

There are certain items that cannot be returned to Costco under any circumstance. You cannot return these items for a full refund with or without a receipt: alcohol, cigarettes, diamonds, limited lifetime products (such as car batteries, tires, etc.), special orders made through a kiosk.

Pretty much everything in the Costco warehouse is returnable with no time limit at all. 30 days or 2 years, you’re good. This also includes your Costco membership, you have 364 days from the date you sign up to see if it works for you.

If you’ve made an order online, and you need to return anything, you can return (or replace) items online, or in-store. If you do it online, you go into your account at, select “Orders&Returns”.

From there, you follow prompts and steps to receive a return label, or ineligible locations, schedule a pick up from your home. Larger items might be different. But you will get specific additional instructions by e-mail.

For example, say you buy a couch online, you might have different instructions, but it’s just as easy. Costco does everything for you. The same way it got delivered, the same way it will be picked up to be returned.

Once you request the return, the carrier would call you to set up a time for it to be picked up. Even if it’s an older purchase, say, 2 years, and the couch is sagging… you can still return it to Costco! Any reason you’re unsatisfied with the item is enough for Costco to let you return it. Pretty cool!

Some items need additional online processing time before a refund can be issued. But if you need an immediate refund, you’re better off going to a Costco store.

Just like how your purchases are stored, your returns are also stored. Costco doesn’t crack down on each customer’s returns, but the company does monitor the number of returns each customer makes.

If a customer returns items with a large price tag more than once, it could be flagged in the system. Same if customers return items that are very visibly used. Because Costco’s return policy is so convenient and lenient, customer service representatives need to ensure the rules aren’t being bent.

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