Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Walmart?

It’s the holiday season! Once again, another time to receive gifts from your loved ones. It’s also the season to share gifts and love all around you. Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Walmart?

So you might be one of those people who doesn’t know what gift they would like for the holidays.

You are making it challenging for the people you love to come up with that perfect and unique gift for you.

Don’t bother about stressing yourself with what exactly you want. Just ask for an Amazon gift card.

Amazon’s gift card is one of the perfect gifts you receive.  You can quickly receive a $20 Amazon gift card or more. There are various gift cards you could get.

This is a safe option as it prevents you from spending time searching through your list for what gift you want this year.

And the best part is that it provides you the opportunity to pick out whatever gift you want.

The list of things they could choose from is numerous and almost endless, considering you can find nearly everything on Amazon.

So if you get more Amazon gift cards, then you’ve got more gifts to pick from.

So you’ve asked for an Amazon gift card, and you’re thinking of what stores accept Amazon’s gift card.  You don’t want to be one of those who dash into a store to shop and come out empty-handed.

So you’re wondering what stores accept Amazon gift cards.

Or you are probably wondering if your local Walmart will accept Amazon gift cards in exchange for the goodies you want.

Walmart is your best bet for a lot of things you want to get. So does Walmart accept Amazon gift cards?

Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Walmart?

Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Walmart

The question is, “Can you use an Amazon gift card at Walmart?”

The answer is No.

Unfortunately, Walmart isn’t the store for you to spend with Amazon Gift Cards.

So don’t waste your time walking into a Walmart store nearby with an Amazon gift card in hand. If you do this, you’re going to end up walking out empty-handed.

Walmart stores have never been open to receiving Amazon gift cards as payment. It’s a forbidden card that can’t be swiped at your local Walmart.

While Walmart hasn’t officially released any statement about why they don’t accept Amazon gift cards, we can make assumptions why Walmart doesn’t accept Amazon gift cards.

Walmart and Amazon are direct competitors in the U.S retail market.

And for this reason, you cannot use an Amazon gift card can’t be used to purchase anything at Walmart. The same way no one on can use a Walmart gift card.

So if you’re planning on making purchases at a Walmart store close to you, you would need a Walmart gift card.

 Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card Anywhere?

Amazon gift cards can only be used on the web platform or at Amazon fresh pop up stores.

While this card is impressive, it’s only valuable for making purchases on the website or at Amazon’s new grocery stores.

Although your Amazon gift card is precious on the website, it can’t be used to pay for some items. They include Prime subscription payment, other gift cards, and Amazon pay orders.

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How can I turn an Amazon gift card into cash?

If you’re hoping to turn your Amazon gift card into cash, then a few options are pretty helpful for this exchange. They include:

Reddit: There is a subreddit that is dedicated to the exchange of gift cards for cash.

Just make a post on /r/giftcardexhange with details like how much the card is worth plus how much you want to sell it.

You’ll find interested persons very soon, and voila, you have your cash.

Craigslist: If you want to convert your gift card to cash fast, Craiglist is a great option.

The only downside to this option is that you might have to sell the card for less than it’s worth.

eBay: You can sell your gift card on this site for more than it’s worth.

This transaction benefits both you and, surprisingly, the buyer who will take advantage of the currency conversion. Giving them profit rather than the loss you might think they’ll suffer from.

Resellers Site: There are various reseller sites created to resell and exchange gift cards.

Some of the sites include Card cash, CardPool, Gift Card Rescue, etc.

Can You Use Walmart Gift Cards On Amazon?

Although Amazon accepts gift cards as payment options, Walmart Gift Cards aren’t one of the gift cards on their acceptance list.

Walmart Gift Cards are only usable at various physical Walmart stores as well as Walmart online stores.

This is because Amazon and Walmart are both competitors in the retail market and do not relate to each other in any way.

What gift cards can I use at Walmart?

Although Walmart doesn’t allow the usage of Amazon gift cards, you can use some gift cards at Walmart stores.

Walmart allows you to use the following gift card; these gift cards are also a great gift option.

MasterCard (MasterCard $100 Gift Card, MasterCard $25 Gift Card)

Visa Gift Card

Where can I pay with Amazon gift card?

You can only pay for products with an Amazon gift card on Amazon’s website or fresh pop-up stores.

Other stores do not accept Amazon gift cards as a mode of payment.


Although you can’t use Amazon gift cards at Walmart, there are other options, such as getting a Walmart gift card or using an Amazon gift card online.

At the right store, a Walmart gift card or an Amazon gift card can purchase books, housewares, electronics, hair, music, and lots more.

So you can still go ahead to request a gift card; just ensure that you ask for one that is convenient for you.

Luckily, Amazon and Walmart both have online stores where you can browse through products and put your gift card to good use.

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