Amazon App Not Working?

Amazon is easily the most recognizable shopping app in today’s world. The app has become almost synonymous with online shopping. The comforts and ease of access to online shopping have basically got people addicted to shopping.

While this means high volumes of sales, it also means a lot of loads on the Amazon servers, high usage of the app on our phones, and a lot of data caching.

Needless to say, we have all experienced those times when the Amazon app won’t open, or when an item won’t add to the cart or it simply won’t let you check out. In this piece, we will look at some potential problems, and try to solve why your Amazon app is not working.

Why is my Amazon App not working?

Why is my Amazon App not working?

There are so many moving parts in an app that crashes that look the same to two people, might have completely different causes.

As you can probably already guess, the secret to successfully fixing an Amazon app that is not working lies in identifying the root cause of the problem. Here we shall look at some of the most common errors that people tend to encounter on their Amazon app.

The CS11 error

This error was last widely seen in August 2021 when a lot of users on Twitter reported that they could see a ‘CS11 error’ message when opening the app.

Note that this problem was found to be exclusive to iOS users. Android users were able to shop and browse the app normally throughout August.

The error might prevent you from placing an order or viewing your purchase history. It turns out that you as an end-user can’t really do much to solve the problem because nothing is wrong with your app or with your phone. CS11 error occurs due to a problem with the Amazon server connecting to iOS apps.

Therefore, all you need to do is wait for Amazon to fix the server-side issue so that the app can start functioning normally again.

Until then, you could tweet to the official Amazon handle bringing the issue to their attention. You should also ensure that your app is up to date from the app store.

Amazon app crashes upon launching

This has been seen in both android and iOS users. Unlike the CS11 error, it is not seen at a large scale, because it is not a server-side issue. It is generally caused due to the following reasons:

  • Your internet is unstable or very slow
  • The cached data on the device is causing problems
  • An important patch was released and your app was not updated to the latest version

When the Amazon app crashes upon startup, it simply disappears from the screen. Each time you try to open the app, it will behave in the same way.

Fortunately, this problem is not permanent and can be easily treated. Go to the app store or the play store depending on your platform, and update to the latest version of the app. Once the app is updated to the latest version, try opening it and check if your problem is solved.

In case your problem is not solved yet, we’ll need to clear the saved and cached data by the Amazon app on your device. Head over to settings and enter the apps section.

Find the Amazon app and clear the app cache and data. Note that the steps and the settings might be a bit different for iOS and Android users, but in a general clearing, the app cache and data will fix the crashing problem faced upon launching the app. You will be able to use the app normally again as it won’t disappear from the screen.

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Products and pages not loading within the Amazon app

This is another problem that is commonly seen with regular users of the app. Though, this problem is not as widespread as the previous crashing upon launching problem.

When you launch the Amazon app, you expect to see either the app homepage or the last page that you left it at while you last used the app.

In any case, you expect the app to load the different products and their info and be able to add items to the cart and place orders. Instead, what you see is a blank screen.

The app is open but nothing within the app is loading or working. You can’t really click or tap on anything. There are a few different reasons that may cause this:

  • Unstable or slow network (this is the most common cause)
  • Amazon servers are experiencing downtime or other problems
  • The app version you are running is no longer supported by Amazon
  • Your device is running too many programs in the background and is running out of memory to work with
  • There could be software glitches
  • Lastly, random bugs might appear at any time

As must be clear, this problem can be triggered due to many varied reasons. Let us look at a few steps that you can take to fix the issue:

  • Try using other apps such as YouTube or Facebook and see if they are working fine, if not, you are experiencing network problems. Consider switching to a different wifi network
  • Check the official Amazon Twitter handle to see if they have posted about any server downtimes
  • Visit your app store and make sure you are on the latest version of the app. It is possible you are running an older, non-supported version of the Amazon app
  • Try closing other applications which may be running in the background. This frees up valuable ram resources and helps the apps on your device run smoothly
  • To fight software glitches, try restarting your device

At least one of the above steps is bound to fix the non-loading issue. In case of server downtimes, you will have to wait for the Amazon team to fix it on their end.

The Cart-on the Amazon app is not working

Shopping apps heavily rely on the cart. Users tap the “add to cart” button and items get added to their carts. We can easily place an order once we have everything we need.

There is a weird error, however, which causes the add to cart button to not work. It seems as if the cart on your Amazon app is not working.

When you tap the button you expect to see the item pop into the cart. But if you are facing this issue, you will find that tapping or clicking on the add to cart button doesn’t actually do anything.

This error is caused due to excessive cached data in the memory. Cached data is data saved by the app for quick access. But if it becomes too much, it can cause weird problems like this. Let us walk through the steps to fix it:

Note: You will lose all your personal settings on the app and will be logged out of your Amazon account after following these steps. Once you log back, your orders and data will reappear.

  • Tap on settings
  • Select apps
  • Pick the Amazon app from the apps list
  • Go to storage
  • Tap on clear data
  • Tap on clear cache

After completing the above step, re-launch the app and sign in to your Amazon account. You should now be able to use the cart properly.


Amazon is an extremely popular app and at any given time, there are millions of people accessing their servers. Small hiccups here and there are common and one should not fret over them.

You will not lose your money or your orders in such an event as Amazon keeps a full backup of all the data associated with your account. We looked at some of the more common errors that people encounter while using the app.

As we mentioned, the fixes to the errors are quite simple and easy to follow and should get you back to shopping within a few minutes.


Why can’t I open my Amazon app?

Regardless of whether you are on iOS or Android, this error is generally known as crashing on launch. Your Amazon app is crashing (failing to open) each time you are tapping on it.

As we mentioned above, this could be due to a variety of reasons. The general solution is to clear the cache and the stored data. It is also good to update the app to the latest version.

How do I reset my Amazon app?

Resetting your Amazon app without uninstalling it is quite easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Tap on settings
  • Select apps
  • Pick the Amazon app from the apps list
  • Go to storage
  • Tap on clear data
  • Tap on clear cache

Following the above steps ensures that your Amazon app is reset without uninstalling. You can log in to your Amazon account to proceed as if you just installed the app.

Is the Amazon server down today?

Amazon servers are rarely down, however, if you are interested in the status of the servers, This page can help you keep track of Amazon servers.

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